Fairy Tail #31 - Volume 31

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 02/17/2012

Plot Summary

With Fairy Tail back on the scene, the guild quickly attempts to make up for lost time. Discovering that there is a new strong guild in Fiore as well as a magical tournament that tests who the best in the land is, the mages of Fairy Tail agree to compete to in the competition. Even though the mages that were lost seven years ago haven't changed, everything else around them has and it's not all for the best.


Chapter 258: Sabertooth

Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney discuss the recent events with Fairy Tail returning to the world. Sting knows Rogue is interested as he looked up to Natsu years ago. Elsewhere, the council discusses the return of Fairy Tail as Councilmen Aug, Laharl, and the recently appointed Doranbalt mention how since Zeref destroyed Tenrou Island, neither he or Grimoire Heart have been seen as they can only wonder what will happen in the weeks to come. Lucy recounts how their return was amazing news as Romeo tells them of the new strongest guild: Sabertooth. Even though they were small business, their guild leader Jiemma recruited five special mages and they grew in power since. Discovering that they are ranked last, Natsu loves the idea of working hard to rising back to the top.

Cana asks where Gildarts has gone as Erza mentions that he and Makarov went to the old Fairy Tail headquarters. Makarov leads Gildarts down below the guild hall into a secret room. The mage asks his master what is going on as he opens the Lumen Etoile, the greatest secret Fairy Tail holds. The two look upon the mysterious object as Gildarts can't express himself, someone so amazing that both he and Makarov had a loss of words over Mavis' greatest achievement. He wonders why he's looking at this as Makarov announces that Gildarts will be the new master of Fairy Tail.

Back on the hill, Sting and Rogue continue their conversation as Sting remembers that Rogue was actually Gajeel's apprentice. Rogue tells him to end the conversation as someone attempts to attack them. Sting catches the arrow midair, eats it, and spits out bullets back at their assailant. The two are revealed to be members of Sabertooth, the alias of The Dragon Slayer Duo as the man flees, the two dragon mages stating that they just took out a dark guild as their cats Frosh and Lector arrive as they plan on facing the Fairy Tail dragon mages in the near future.

Chapter 259: Porlyusica

Natsu aims to make up for lost time by challenging Max to a fight, surprisingly losing in the first bout. Max points out that he has had seven years to train as they go at it once more. The guild watches on intently as it appears Max has the upper hand until Natsu uses a spell he learned from Laxus to knock him out. Conceding, Natsu is wiped out as the spell cost a ton of magic. Gray points out that while they still have a few strong mages in their guild, they are still relatively weak. Happy asks if there is a quicker way to enhance their magic as they go to see Porlyusica.

Chapter 260: And We Aim For The Top

Chapter 261: The One Magic

Chapter 262: Song For Stars

Chapter 263: Crime Sorcière

Chapter 264: It's Merely A Portion Of Time That Has Passed

Chapter 265: The Blooming Capital, Crocus

Chapter 266: Sky Labyrinth


Limited Edition - Memory Days DVD Bundle

There is an alternate volume cover that promotes the third Fairy Tail OVA, Memory Days, that was released on February 17, 2012 in Japan.

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Max AlorsSand Rebellion
Sand Wall
Natsu DragneelFire Dragon's Roar
Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
Lightning Fire Dragon's Roar


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