Cardcaptor Sakura #3 - Volume 3

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on

Plot Summary

"When Sakura Kinomoto first became the Cardcaptor, finding the missing Clow Cards wasn't easy - she could never predict where or when they would show up. Now they seem to be turning up alarmingly close to if they're looking for Sakura. Now catching the cards isn't just a matter of responsibility - it's a matter of protecting the ones she loves! The cards aren't the only ones watching the young Cardcaptor. There's a new teacher at Tomoeda Elementary, and she's taken a particular interest in Sakura and her friends. Could she be looking for the Clow Cards too?" - Tokyopop, Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 3

Chapter 11: Double Trouble Pt. 1

Chapter 12: Double Trouble Pt. 2

Chapter 13: Tea Time at Tomoyo's

Chapter 14: The New Teacher Pt. 1


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