Sundome #3 - Volume 3

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 09/20/2007

Plot Summary

Yen Press Edition Release Date: September 30, 2008

More torture, teasing, and humiliation from Kurumi ensues, but Hideo’s crush on his tormentor only worsens! When nasty rumors start flying about Kurumi’s promiscuity, Hideo finds the source and sets things straight. But even he can’t explain the mysterious pair of men’s shoes in her apartment. Meanwhile, the Roman Club accepts a bet from the sneaky class president which involves wandering through a haunted graveyard and playing a creepy game of hide-and-seek in the school after dark. And the love bug launches a surprise attack on Hideo’s Roman Club crony Tatsuya when he stands up for the buxom Kyouko who’s sick and tired of being abused by her boyfriend.

The mysteries continue as Hideo is hearing rumors that Kurumi is doing sexual acts to other men. Also when leaving Kurumi's apartment he notices another mans shoes. The Roman Club wanders through a graveyard and the school at night time in search of paranormal activity. Is Kurumi with another man? What will Hideo do to find out?

Chapter Titles

  • Collar #19 - Rumors
  • Collar #20 - Tribute
  • Collar #21 - Mutual Quivers
  • Collar #22 - Heartstrings
  • Collar #23 - Hell
  • Collar #24 - Solo Battle
  • Collar #25 - Warm Hands
  • Collar #26 - Nail
  • Collar #27 - Wound
  • Collar #28 - Chime


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