Hayate the Combat Butler #3 - Volume 3

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 05/08/2007

Plot Summary

Wherein Hayate fights a duel with Wataru, gets him PO'd, goes to apologize, owes more money, and gets his contract bought out.


Episode 1 - A Battle For Men.....5

Hayate attempts to throw his duel with Wataru, but ultimately fails to job convincingly, making Isumi like Hayate more .

Episode 2 – The Tokyo Underground.....21

Hayate attempts to go to Wataru's place and apologize by subway, but Nagi and Isumi try to turn it into an outing – and then Isumi gets lost on the way to the subway...

Episode 3 – The Kingdom of Ambition.....37

Hayate finally finds his way to Wataru's place – a video rental shop, where he discovers Wataru's ambition... and that his parents rented several hundred thousand yen of VHS tapes under his name and “forgot” to return them.

Episode 4 – I Lost My Temper and Did It Because I Was Mortified About Losing To Little Kids On The Street. But, I Have No Regrets.....53

Nagi has purchased a Mushiking arcade machine, and wants to play against Hayate. Unfortunately, Hayate's not good at throwing matches, has better luck at the game then her, and Nagi's a sore loser. Even the arrival of Sakyua can't help things any.

Episode 5 – A Nuisance, Even for Peter Pan.....69

Nagi decides to spend the day with Hayate in her personal amusement park... only to discover she can't ride any of the rides, as she's too short, and they don't meet safety requirements (much to Hayate's pain). Worse, Nursing Robot 8 makes a return in yet another attempt to kill Hayate, without success.

Episode 6 – Who Came Up with the Sound Effect, 'Kapok'? It's Awesome.....85

Hayate goes to take a bath, only for Tama to break the boiler. Then, when Hayate and Tama attempt to fix it, they really break the boiler.

Episode 7 – I Never Had The Problem of Being Too Popular.....102

Wataru goes to retrieve the shawl of his beloved, Isumi, from elsewhere in the Sanzenin mansion, only to be caught in an ill-advised sniff by Hayate and Tama. While Hayate promises not to tell, Tama doesn't, leading Hayate to beat discretion into him. However, just when all seems resolved... Isumi confesses her feelings to Hayate.

Episode 8 – I Wanted to See the Challenge of the Super Shuffle.....119

Nagi confronts Hayate about Isumi's confession, and as per usual, Hayate totally confuses the situation, making things worse. This leads Nagi to run away from home, to Wataru's business/home. After much work by Maria and security, things are nearly resolved, until Nagi sees what he thinks is Isumi and Hayate embracing. In a rage, she sells Hayate's contract to Isumi and storms off.

Episode 9 – By the Time Ojo-sama Cries.....135

Maria and Saki, Nagi and Wataru's maids (respectively) work together to get Nagi to take Hayate back, and almost succeed... until Gilbert Kent, Sakuya's half brother makes an appearance, with a cunning plan...

Episode 10 – Wavering Hearts.....151

In an attempt to get Hayate back, Wataru, Nagi, Gilbert, and Sakuya put together a fake kidnapping plot in the hopes that Hayate will come to Nagi's rescue. Nagi finally realizes the misunderstanding that set all this in motion and repents. Unfortunately, the mobile suit that Gilbert was using for his plot goes out of control (as it was designed by the same person who built Nursing Robot Eight), putting everyone into peril.

Episode 11 – I'm Hoping My Voice Will Reach You.....167

The giant robot runs out of control, threatening Nagi, Maria, Sakuya, and Saki, until Hayate arrives right in the nick of time.


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User Reviews
Won't Fill You Up, Never Let You Down Reviewed by Count_Zero on March 29, 2011. Count_Zero has written 23 reviews. His/her last review was for Volume 5. 27 out of 27 users recommend his reviews.
Hayate The Combat Butler's third volume puts it strongly in the position of the "Light Beer" of comedy manga. The volume has a lot of one-shot little stories, and a brief over-arching plot, but doesn't get too ambitious. While this means the reach of the series doesn't exceed its grasp, it also means that the series is never at risk of blowing your mind.
That said, the volume does succeed at presenting a series of legitimately funny little one-shots that keep things interesting, with everything from brief little one-shots (like Hayate saying "Meow?" when Nagi storms into his room), to an extremely funny story that seems to exist solely to set up a pun, but pays off later in the volume (what is known as a "Brick Joke").
Thus far, Hayate The Combat Butler has yet to become the best comedy manga ever. However, it is still a well written comedy manga that has successfully been providing at least a chuckle or two per volume, if not outright belly laughs.
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