GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka #3 - Volume 3

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 07/23/2002

Plot Summary

Lesson 15 – The Infamous Class Four

Onizuka, the faculty and the student body are all present in the gymnasium for an assembly at the start of the new school year. Onizuka learns that he'll be the homeroom teacher for a sophomore class instead of a senior class as he was led to believe. Afterwards back in the teacher's lounge another teacher offers his condolences to Onizuka, and encourages him to hang in there, even if it seems like hell. Azusa echoes the teacher's warnings about the class that Onizuka has inherited. Onizuka brushes off the concerns and says it'll be like taking candy from a baby.

Onizuka arrives at Class Four, busting into the room and acting all cool. Instead of a band of miscreants he finds an uninteresting bunch of students. Afterwards, Onizuka is asked to do a “pass along” and pick up the notes from Class Four's previous homeroom teacher. He's given a photo of an attractive young woman, her name, and an address.

Lesson 16 – Picking on the Teacher

Arriving at the address Onizuka is welcomed by “Pegasus” of the Nerima Ward Milky Way Foundation. Onizuka tires of being given the runaround by Pegasus, who rambles on about his alien-worshipping cult, and dunks his head in the toilet until he agrees to direct Onizuka to the previous teacher. Instead of what he expected, Onizuka finds an overweight woman sitting in front of a television watching Speed Racer and eating non-stop. Pegasus explains that she had been deeply traumatized by her teaching experience.

The next day under the cherry blossoms the teachers of Holy Forest Academy are enjoying a little hanami. Onizuka explains to another teacher that Class Four was nothing but a bunch of quiet nerds, until he is interrupted by a flash of panties in his face. The panties belong to Naoko Moritaka, the school nurse. She introduces herself to Onizuka and dumps a pile of various drugs on his lap (including medication for stomach ulcers and tranquilizers) to help him deal with the symptoms of teaching Class Four. Naoko explains that the previous year saw three teachers chewed up and spit out by Class Four – one attempted suicide, one simply disappeared, and the third, the one Onizuka met, had a mental breakdown. She tells him that the class is impossible. Onizuka declares impossible isn't in his vocabulary.

As Naoko heads to the school the following morning she sees that a crowd is formed around a board at the front of the campus. The students are all staring at giant poster of Onizuka, nude, straddling a wooden horse.

Lesson 17 – The Homeroom Teacher

Onizuka isn't sure what to make of all the stares and whispers he receives walking down the hall until he turns a corner and sees the image of him on the wooden horse, covering all the walls and ceiling of the hallway. He sees Azusa inspect one of the posters, a look of horror on her face. He denies that the image is real, and drops his trousers to show that his ass, unlike the one in the photo, isn't bruised by a whip. Afterwards in the Teacher's Lounge, a teacher explains to Onizuka that the image was photoshopped, something Onizuka had never heard of before.

Back in Class Four the students are celebrating their successful execution of the prank. They're hopeful that they can have Onizuka gone within a month. Onizuka enters the class to see their latest creation: him and Vice-Principal Uchiyamada, nude and holding hands under the title “The Homo Combo Mambo.” The students snicker, and Onizuka demands to know who made the image. A student puts up his hand and admits to the deed. Onizuka storms over to the student, Yoshito Kikuchi. Kikuchi is startled when instead of punishing him, Onizuka asks a favor instead. Onizuka gives Kikuchi a number of photographs of women (including Azusa), and asks him to photoshop them onto some more “perky” bodies. Then Onizuka attempts to teach the class about basic human rights.

Afterwards in a school washroom, some of the students of Class Four are arguing about what they should do next since they hadn't expected Onizuka not to be shaken up. One student, Koji Fujiyoshi, suggests they try a science experiment. An experiment to confirm the myth that eating a cockroach will kill you.

Lesson 18 – The Plot to Kill Onizuka

The students of Class Four go forward with their plan. During lunch one of them slips a cockroach into Onizuka's curry. However Onizuka tosses all the curry back in the pot, demanding a larger serving. The students of Class Four look on in horror as they're given their portions of the now-tainted curry. Kunio Murai, one of the students behind the plan, stares at his spoon, which has a cockroach leg sticking out of the curry. As Onizuka passes by, he accidentally bumps Kunio and the spoonful of curry goes into Kunio's mouth. Later, Kunio sets up a new trap for Onizuka, who inadvertently causes Kunio to set off the trap himself. Enraged, Kunio storms out of the classroom, much to the confusion of a clueless Onizuka.

In an arcade, Kunio blows off steam by playing a fighting game, only to be beaten over an over again by his opponent on the other side of the cabinet. His opponent is none other than Onizuka, who used to skip school and hang out at arcades also. Kunio challenges Onizuka to another match

Lesson 19 – The Big Sega Centre Battle

The game this time in a motorcycle racing one. Onizuka wins handily, and rubs it in Kunio's face. Kunio then loses to Onizuka at a light-gun game, whack-a-mole, a UFO Catcher, and even the fortune-telling machine. Kunio holds back the tears and Onizuka starts to console him, only to find his arm now handcuffed to a Sumo-wrestler shaped arm-wrestling machine. Kunio laughs and takes off on his bike. He turns around and sees that Onizuka has ripped the Sumo right out of the machine and is carrying it with him as he chases Kunio down the street.

Onizuka keeps pace but the chase ends when Kunio is clotheslined by a young attractive woman with red hair. Kunio complains to the woman, calling her “Mom.” Stunned, Onizuka asks if the woman could truly be Kunio's mother, only to be rewarded by her with a kick to the gonads.

Lesson 20 – Mother and Me

Over dinner in a nearby restaurant, Kunio's mother, Julia, apologizes to Onizuka. She had thought he was just a gangster harassing her son. Onizuka compliments her, saying he never knew Kunio's mother was so young and beautiful. Julia admits that she is only 27 years old and had had Kunio when she was just 13. Throughout the conversation, Onizuka takes his time to appreciate Julia's looks, peeking down her shirt when the opportunity arises. Kunio is not oblivious to the lechery and after a time storms out, back to his home.

On the phone to a friend, he angrily explains what happened. His friend questions the wisdom of leaving his mother, young and attractive and single, with a crazy, horny Onizuka alone. Kunio's thoughts immediately fly to one-year later where his new “father” Onizuka is welcoming a new baby into the family. Kunio calls up the restaurant, but finds out that the pair had already left for a karaoke bar, arm in arm. He races over to the restaurant in search of Onizuka and his mother, but with no results. He makes it back home as the sun is rising, to find his mother, happily sleeping on the couch.

Later that morning in Class Four, a cheerful, sleepy Onizuka greets his class. He does roll call, but when he calls Kunio by his first name, Kunio snaps. After class a few of Kunio's friends are trying to comfort him. When they open the door to Kunio's home though, they are greeted by a still cheery Onizuka. After Onizuka leaves, Kunio accuses his mother of sleeping with his teacher, only to be slapped in the face in response. Julia shows Kunio just what Onizuka was doing at his house. He had snuck Kunio's student file out of the school to show Julia. She goes on to tell Kunio that she and Onizuka had only talked about Kunio at the karaoke bar, and not sung at all.

Lesson 21 – The Shumai of Fear

Onizuka tells the students of Class Four a very lame ghost story, about a man with a box of shumai (Chinese dumplings) walking down the street late at night. Despite the lackluster ending some students beg Onizuka to tell another story. After classes Kunio confronts his fellow students about their betrayal, no longer hating Onizuka. Kikuchi also bows out of the confrontation, saying he's tired of all of it.

In the Teacher's Lounge, Azusa apologizes to Onizuka for slapping him earlier over the photoshopped image incident. Noburo interrupts, and apologizes to Onizuka because he knew what Class Four would do to him, but was afraid of the repercussions. Onizuka denies that Class Four “did” anything to him, and talks shop with Noburo for a time about video games. After he leaves Onizuka's “apartment”, Noburo is cornered by three girls from Class Four, who question him as to why he was hanging out with Onizuka. They beat him up and force him to strip, then take photographs of him.

Later, on his way to see Kikuchi to pick up the photoshopped images, Onizuka looks up to the top of the school building and sees Noburo standing up there, who then steps off the edge. Onizuka runs and catches Noburo, but totals Uchiyamada's newly repaired white Cresta in the process.

Lesson 22 – My Beautiful White Cresta!

We flashback a week or two, to see Uchiyamada talking with his teenage daughter about his new Cresta. After bribing her with a new expensive purse, she agrees to go on a family driving trip to some hot springs. Back in the present Uchiyamada looks on in horror at his once-again destroyed Cresta. Onizuka angrily demands to know why Noburo keeps trying to kill himself. He explains what happened as Kikuchi arrives on the scene. Onizuka asks where he can buy a disposable camera, and sets off for revenge.

In a karaoke bar, the three responsible for abusing Noburo, Mayuko Asano, Anko Uehara and Naoko Izumi are laughing about the whole matter. A fourth girl, not previously noticed in the room, hands Anko the microphone, and is revealed to be Onizuka in drag. He brings Noburo into the room to confirm their identities. The girls threaten Noburo, but he only smiles. Onizuka ties up the girls and proceeds to humiliate and photograph them in a similar manner to what they did to Noburo. He offers his camera in exchange for the one with Noburo's photos on it. Anko angrily states that her mother is the head of the PTA and that Onizuka will never get away with what he's done.

The next morning a very angry head of the PTA arrives at the gates of Holy Forest Academy and demands to see the Principal.

Lesson 23 – Fire the Scoundrel

Uchiyamada begs his insurance board to cover the repairs for a third time to his destroyed Cresta. They turn down his request and Uchiyamada's happy family weekend outing is over before it's begun. His daughter is also not sympathetic to his plight, demanding her promised Prada bag whether or not the family trip occurs. Back at school Uchiyamada storms into the School Board's office to demand something be done about Onizuka, walking in on Mrs. Uehara also demanding that Onizuka be fired for his crimes against her daughter.

Elsewhere, Naoko and Onizuka are donating blood. Naoko notices that Onizuka's arm is all all puffy and that he must have broken it when he caught Noburo the other night. She demands he check into a hospital to have it looked after. Word spreads through the faculty that Onizuka has brought down the wrath of the PTA and could be fired for it. Kikuchi and Noburo catch wind of the news, and Noburo decides to take a stand. The wheels of justice move quickly when motivated by an angry head of the PTA, and Mrs. Uehara demands that Onizuka be terminated immediately, that he doesn't deserve an opportunity to defend his actions.

The door opens and in walks Noburo, with “I am a student” written across his chest. “My name is Noburo Yoshikawa, 14 years old. And I'm here to keep things cool.”


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