Black Butler #3 - Volume 3

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 12/18/2007

Plot Summary

Yen Press Edition Release Date: October 26, 2010

Terrorizing its populace, Jack the Ripper has shaken London to its very core. But when Sebastian Michaelis, singular butler of the Phantomhive house, lays bare the madman's true identity, all that is left for him to do is eliminate the perpetrator in the name of the Queen and Phantomhive. But inhumanly efficient skills don't guarantee victory when the opponent is just as supernaturally gifted!

Though Sebastian may be able to save Ciel from physical harm in the battle that ensues, will the young earl ever recover from the emotional scars it will leave on his heart?


Chapter 10: The Butler, Reflective - (その執事、回想 "Sono Shitsuji, Kaisō") pg. 3

Chapter 11: the Butler, Retrospecitive - (その執事、追想 "Sono Shitsuji, Tsuisō) pg. 41

Chapter 12: The Butler, Retaliatory - (その執事、反攻 "Sono Shitsuji, Hankō) pg. 77

Chapter 13: The Butler, Mourning - (その執事、葬送 "Sono Shitsuji, Sōsō) pg. 111

Chapter 14: The Butler, On the Hunt - (その執事、狩猟 "Sono Shitsuji, Shuryō) pg. 149


Translation Notes

Lycoris - Red Spider Lily pg. 4

Mary Jane Kelly pg. 126

Party Dress Christmas Roses pg. 162

Dimbula pg. 164

Bathing Scene at 8:20 - Inside Cover

Finny's lantern - Inside Cover

Oniwaban - Inside Cover

Nin - Inside Cover

Yana Toboso

The author shares a poem about the color red. It's assumed that this poem is for Madam Red, Angelina Durless.


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