Fairy Tail #28 - Volume 28

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 08/17/2011

Plot Summary

Kodansha Comics Edition Release Date: July 30, 2013

Erza is up against Azuma, a dark wizard who uses trees as conduits to draw upon the magic of the earth itself. He uses this mysterious power to fell the great tree at the heart of Sirius Island, depriving all the Fairy Tail wizards of their magic! Can a nearly powerless Erza hope to stand against him? And where has Zeref the Black Wizard gone?


Note: Used Kodansha's English titles.

Chapter 231: The One Who Ends It - "Owaraserumono" (終わらせる者) - Page 3

Chapter 232: The Word I couln't Say - "Ienakatta Hitokoto" (言えなかった一言) - Page 27

Chapter 233: Fairy Glitter - "Fearī Gurittā" (妖精の輝き(フェアリーグリッター) ) - Page 47

Chapter 234: The Boy Who Watches The Sea - "Umi o Mitsumeru Shōnen" (海を見つめる少年) - Page 67

Chapter 235: The Sirius Tree - "Tenrō-ju" (天狼樹) - Page 87

Chapter 236: Erza vs. Azuma - "Eruza vs. Azuma" (エルザ vs. アズマ) - Page 107

Chapter 237: What Kind of Guild Is This - "Nante Girudo da" (なんてギルドだ) - Page 127

Chapter 238: At One Time

Chapter 239: The Freezing Warrior - "Kogoeru Tōshi" (凍える闘志)


Hiro Mashima informs readers about his drawing mistakes. He states that his worst mistake is drawing a color picture of Lucy without her Fairy Tail guild remark. After the Afterword section, Lucy and Mirajane go over their emergency request where they answer questions from the fans. Following Lucy and Mirajane's Emergency Request is Fairy Tail Guild d'Art and finally, translation notes.


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