Trigun #2 - Volume 2

is a manga book published by Dark Horse that was released on

Plot Summary

There's a mysterious past buried in the mind of the affable, yet somehow incredibly dangerous Vash the Stampede, and everyone on this desert planet seems to know about it. Not only that, they've been trying to hunt him down for the sixty million double-dollar bounty on his head. Well, enter two insurance adjuster ladies, claiming that the man is a localized disaster, and voile! No more bounty. But that doesn't seem to end Wash's troubles, or his trail of destruction.

This is the world of Trigun. Chock full of hi-jinks, frantic action, dusty wester poses, and a resounding theme: Peace and Love! Join us as Vash continues his adventures across this kooky, unfortunate landscape, seeking something to end his tragicomic journey.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter #1: Blood and Thunder
  • Chapter #2: Diablo
  • Chapter #3: Fragile
  • Chapter #4: Scars
  • Chapter #5: Slaughter Cafe
  • Chapter #6: Gathering of the Devils
  • Chapter #7: Eye of Invisibility
  • Chapter #8: Fifth Moon
  • Bonus Story: Day In Day Out


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Yasuhiro Nightow artist, cover, writer,


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