Triage X #2 - Volume 2

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 09/09/2010

Plot Summary

Yen Press Edition Release Date: February 27, 2013

When two police detectives get involved in their operation, the nurses of Mochizuki Hospital must wield their instruments - katana, machine gun, and pistol - with even greater precision to excise the cancerous Masaki. As each nurse uses her particular specialty to dispatch Masaki's thugs, Arashi pursues the root himself. Arashi may struggle with his piecemeal identity, but treating this human virus is something both sides of him are sure of.

Triage X Vol. 2


CASE: 2 Surgical Strike III - Open Fire.....Pg.

Inside the abandoned building, police detective Konomi Suzue aims at Mikoto Kiba as she's standing over her injured partner Isoroku Tatara. Mikoto can see her hands trembling and doesn't want t hurt her. She then notices a large gang of armed thugs walking in behind Suzue. They grab and disarm her from behind, and Mikoto can tell there are to many for her to handle alone. These crazy men seem excited at the idea of raping a police officer.

Elsewhere in the area, Yuko Sagiri stands alone and surrounded. They think she's a whore but she explains that she's a doctor. One makes a crude joke about examining his penis, but she ignores him saying that she's powerless. She failed the save an elderly lady. Suddenly, Yuko's long brown hair changes to white. She says a doctor's job is to operate and wait for the recovery of the patient. She tells them that they are lucky she will be performing this operation. She excels at finishing things quickly, and they should appreciate that when they are in hell. With a single wave of her katana, seven thugs are now dead from dismemberment. All cut at the waist. The two survivors try and run, but Yuko is right behind them. She calls out for Sayo Hitsugi.

In another part of the building, Sayo fires her mini gun and rips through the bodies of the gang members, tearing them to shreds in an instant. One is still alive and begs for his life and refuses to believe this is real. Sayo tells him that death truly is the only cure for stupidity, and he's about to be cured. After finishing him off, she reports that Target A has been silenced and she's moving on to Op B. Yuko is still busy slicing apart the gang members at her location and still has time to as Miki Tsurugi for her status. Using stealth she silently kills the thugs in her area. She reports in that she's fine but worried about Mikoto. Yuko tells her over the radio to finish up her duties and back up Mikoto. Also, to tell Arashi Mikami to do the same.

In the room with Mikoto, the thugs have her surrounded and several are busy molesting officer Suzue's body. Mikoto is worried that if she provokes them if could be a three-way crossfire they wouldn't survive. Yoroida says that if she puts her gun down she'll be worse off than Suzue. The sound of the battle outside tells Mikoto that the battle as begun, and the goons are arguing about who gets to do officer Suzue first. Yoroida though hears what he thinks is a motorcycle. He tells his men to hold the girls down and kill them if they struggle. Mikoto's frustrated that this is her problem and Arashi's mission is to kill Jin Masaki. Without warning, Mikoto's motorcycle comes bursting through the wall, striking the head of the man who was holding Suzue. Mikoto rushes in and grabs Suzue by her ravaged shirt to pull her to the ground for cover. All over the room the gang is being shot apart but no one can find the shooter. When they finally see him, three open fire and hit him across his body. He's knocked back but uninjured. He drops the sawed off shotgun for duel pistols and continues to kill them with Mikoto giving backup fire. Though, Mikoto appears injured. With all the gang dead or run out, he grabs her and asks if he's alright. She collapses into him and tells Arashi that she didn't need his help.

Yoroida runs to where Jin Masaki is held up on the roof. He's panicking that these guys took aout most of his men with ease. Miss Fijino is standing behind Masaki with a crazed look in her eyes. Masaki is sitting calmly and tells Yoroida that they still have an ace up their sleeve. Yoroida can't believe this and calls these people a nightmare. Masaki agrees and thought that Japan was only filled with pacifists. Yoroida doesn't want to hear any of this and doesn't want to get kills. Masaki goes on to talk about how Japan is such a law abiding country and that his partner's life is protected by the police. Not believing what he's hearing, Yoroida runs. Miss Fujino walks closer to the ledge, and Masaki looks to a box of rubble with a camera hidden inside.

CASE: 2 Surgical Strike IV - Crossfire.....Pg.

Yoroida is running through the building and past the bodies of the men he had just hired. He's scared and looking over his shoulder. He manages to find his car, but is interrupted getting in by the voice of a woman behind him. Yuko compliments the car and asks if it's his. He only says he thinks so and jumps in, slamming the door. He struggles to get it started but Yuko stands in his way. She demands to know why he hit that old woman, but Yoroida doesn't know what she's talking about. She asks if he was the one who hit the old woman in front of Mochizuki General Hospital. He admits it was him, and says it was becasue she was in his way. Just like her. He hits the gas to try and run her over, but Yuko skillfully evades by flipping to the driver's side. He's so distracted by her that he fails to notice Sayo Hitsugi in his path. He speeds up, and Yuko gives Sayo her orders. He turns her back to the car, the large coffin shaped shield ejects spikes at the bottom, and she slams it into the ground. Sayo braces the shield as he races toward her, shouting this is the end. Sayo only says only for him. The car hits at top speed and recoils into the air from the force of the impact. He's alive and looks through the moon roof to Yuko. She swings her katana and slices through the car and his head. She says for him to calm down since he has nothing left to this world, at least. After the car explodes, she thanks Sayo for her help, but understands that Fiona wont be too happy about the damage to the equipment. Saya removes her mask and asks if this was revenge for Mrs. Kimura. It's not like her to be so elaborate. Yuko says that it's no that sentimental but correct. he felt obligated as the woman's doctor, and that's part of her style. Sayo's not to happy with that answer and asks what if she had gotten hurt. She laughs and says that she's a surgeon and would fix her up. It's not as if she would die.

Elsewhere inside, Mikoto pushes Arashi away but he asks if she was hurt. She tells him not to take her so lightly, but whispers that she did get a little hurt. Miki suddenly stands up and tells her being honest doesn't mean she's not tough. Arashi asks how long she's been there, and she answers that she's been there for awhile and witnessed their little moment together. She's already finished treating Tatara's wounds but want to get him back to the hospital. Mikoto flinches in pain and Miki tells her to take it easy since her clothes aren't as strong as Arashi. He's shocked to hear she's been shot.

Miki treats the injury and diagnosis her with a cracked rib and shouldn't move too much. They can't leave the detective there since they plan to blow the place after they finish.She tells Arashi to leave and take Mikoto and the officers. She will treat Misaki before morning. When Mikoto tries to argue, Miki cuts her off that this is her only option. She's fine with getting the detectives out, but argues for Arashi to finish off Masaki. Listening to her words of confidence in him. He slams down his helmet and asks Miki to allow both him and Mikoto to complete the mission together. She agrees but he has to watch out for Mikoto. He says they'll be back and rides off on the bike. After they are gone, Miki's ecstatic at the passion of that moment an could feel the heat. Though, suddenly she realizes that now she has to get the two unconscious officers out of the room.

They find Masaki on the room and he asks them if they are alright without their masks. Arashi says he doesn't need it.

CASE: 2 Surgical Strike V - Unmovable Killer.....Pg.

Masaki comments on how young they both are for assassins. They even look like a couple to him. Arashi tells him that he's a tumor to the city and will be exercised. He only laughs that he's going to be killed by by kids pretending to be doctors.

Arashi suddenly flashes back to the day of his first kill. He was just a simple criminal he had been ordered to kill. It was just a treatment to make the world better. The ghost Ryu Mochizuki stands in the distance and asks him how it felt. He says it felt oddly easy, and he had no regret. Ryu asks him if it was because it was a mission or because he's already suffered so much. He asks Arashi if he still has a conscious. Arashi ask himself if he has one. What makes him human.

Back on the roof, Mikoto calls out to Arashi. Miss Fujino is lunging at him with a knife. With no emotion, he aims his shotgun at her and fires. Mikoto calls him a monster and even Masaki is shocked. He tells Mikoto not to worry. Jin Masaki screams at Arashi. He asks if he knows what he's done. She was an innocent person. Arashi answers on the day he killed Hideo. He knew what he was risking by giving him that gun. He was trying to be sure about something. He was curious if someone about the face death at his hands could feel regret for they past and try to amend. Though, Hideo had something stronger in him that his conscience. Masaki calls him a fool and that people only care about themselves. Being on the verge of death exposes people for who they really are. He offers Arashi to just walk away, asking if he thinks he's some kind of super-hero making the world better. He answers that the doctor knew what would happen. The "treatment" wasn't just for Hideo Aranami, but for himself, as well.

Miss Fujino suddenly starts gasping. Mikoto realizes he shot her with rubber stun rounds. That's why he was training before the mission. Arashi knows what Masaki is talking about. He's seen how people act when confronted by death. Be it their own or of someone they love. Mikoto is curious about what he means about love. He tells Masaki that he's once more shown him that there is evil in this world that can't be saved.

Masaki fires back that Arashi is the truly evil one. He says that Japan is a nation of laws that wont allow ruthless murder. The police will never stop chasing anyone who commits crimes. Arashi knows that the laws are intended to protect everyone, but asks how they work when practiced. Laws are often overturned or made pointless by the powerful. No laws are absolute, and he has come to restore the balance. He knows that life is a precious thing. He knows he has a conscience and it's inside him, pointing to his scar covered chest. After his operations nine-years ago, he knew he lost nearly all that was important to him, but felt a determination inside. He was ready to make the judgements and never be controlled by fear.

Masaki laughs that he's glad he's prepared because he is as well. He's going to kill them both as planned. A spotlight shines from behind him and blinds Arashi. He quickly grabs Mikoto and they nearly evades the sudden gunfire that rakes over the ground. The shots were coming from a nearby helicopter. This was Masaki's Blan B. He called to ask for some special help. He grabs on to the rope ladder to escape into the chopper, saying that he's no longer center stage but still alive. His only hope that that before they die that they realize how stupid they were to try and eliminate him.

His maniacal speech is interrupted when the copter he was ready to climb to explodes. He can only look on as it crashes to the ground. Mikoto runs to the ledge to see what caused that. Down on a lower floor. Oriha Nashida asks if they already forgot about her. She was the one who launched a grenade at the helicopter. She has the two detective and announces she's back on stage. It's not a party without an explosion of two. Mikoto asks where he came from and that it was a great shot.

Arashi tells Masaki that he's been given the black label. He is going to be removed and coldly asks if he's ready for the absolute triage. He runs to the ledge and says he's not going to be stupid, like the Aranamis, and give him the satisfaction. If he's evil then he plans to stay that way. Before he can jump, Arashi puts a round into the back of his head and falls to the ground. Mikoto runs up and asks if he got him. Looking down, his body is impaled on the propeller blade of the crashed helicopter.

Mikoto and Arashi ride off with Miss Fujino, and Oriha tells Fiona that she's going to do the en bloc now that everyone is out. She sets it off and is nearly caught in her own explosion. The police are only now just heading out to the site now there there are reports of fire.

The police are outside of Mochizuki General Hospital, but inside several girls from Black Label are in a large indoor bath. Miki is frustrated at having to wash her hair and wants to get in the bath already. She tells Yuko that he hair only changes because she uses that sword. Her long hair takes forever to watch and complains why she has to do it. She only tells Miki that worrying will give her wrinkles.

Sayo compliments Oriha on her work, and complains her shoulders are still sore from that car impact. Oriha agrees she did well. She got all the glory and that she could be like her too one day. Sayo sarcastically comments that at least she's still modest. Sayo then asks about her nationwide tour and if she can still make her concert date tomorrow. Oriha suddenly remembers that she swapped a decoy dummy on her tour bus and that her manager is probably only now discovering she's not there. She dashes out of the bath, and Sayo tells her she better hurry.

Miki asks about Arashi and Mikoto. Sayo says that her treatment is done so she invited him to come bathe with them. She's seen him naked enough as it is. Yuko likes the idea, but Miki is shocked Sayo would invite a teenager to the bath with several women. She thought they agreed to raise him to be a proper adult.

Arashi asks if Mikoto is alright, and she tells him she just cracked a rib or two. She tells him he should go home. He says Hitsugi invited him to the bath. She winches and collapse, and he tells her that he declined. He asks about Tatara. He will be fine up will be in the hospital for a while. He then asks about Miss Fujino, but they still don't know what drugs Masaki used on her. He shocks Mikoto when he drops his head on the bed. He says he was suppose to be her shield, but he failed. He says he has a long way to go, but she disagrees since he did good. He's already dozed off when she tries to thank him.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Dr. Mochizuki us being pushed in his chair by Fiona. He says that it wasn't without victims, an evil was defeated. Though the light will die by nightfall. No matter what night may hold. They need to be ready for the challenge. The triage must continue. Back at the rubble of the building, and unknown man finds Masaki's video camera.

CASE: 3 Midnight Guerrilla I - Evening Calm.....Pg.

At Mochizuki High School. Arasshi's classmates are trying to show him some pictures of half naked women with huge breasts. They chat and one complains that breasts this size are just so rare. As Arashi thinks about the women in his life, he tells them that they seem average to him. They are shock at that but one is sure he has a picture that will surprise him. He pulls up a candid cellphone shot he took of their teacher, Sakurada Nao. Even he has to admit that are "relatively" big. They ask if he's surrounded by women like this is why he's not in school so often. One want to join him, but he refuses. Hinako Kominato and Yuu are becoming more embarrassed by the conversation going on in class. One boy suggests that maybe Arashi likes flat chests, but he's more confused how he got drawn into the topic. When he's approached by a girl in class about joining the Wind Instrument Club. Three boys stand and announce they will for the Big Titty Club but need five members. He thinks that he never agreed to that. This is all brought to an end when Ms. Nao walks in and those boys settle down.

By lunch time, Arashi ditches the boys in his class to eat up on the roof. He's soon joined by Hinako and Yuu. He listens in as Hinako and Yuu talk about how Oriha went berserk on a TV host who was sexually harassing her. He tells them that he doesn't watch TV but he does know of her. Yuu suggests that all boys know about Oriha. Especially since she did some very sexy modeling. She notices that Hinako gets depress after she mentions Oriha's small frame and large breast. She asks her if she's too small for Arashi. She tries to cheer her up by promising to ask him about it. They are interrupted when the school delinquent Hachisuka tries to get Yuu to join him, but she absolutely no interest. His attention is drawn to Arashi and mocks him for his special treatment, but he gets no reaction. He tries again to get Yuu to join him but she screams at him and demands he apologize to Arashi. She's angry and frustrated by the time he leaves and asks Arashi why guys are crazy over large breasts. He says that looks aren't that important. She smiles and tells him how she used to think he was gloomy and cynical but now things he's nice. Though, she then has to assure Hinako that she's not trying to steal him from her.

Hinako runs off to try and catch a pigeon, and Yuu talks to Arashi about Hinako. He tells her that she's very innocent and always smiling. She tells him never to hurt her, and he agrees. She laughs at the way he answers, and Hinako actually caught a bird.

At Mochizuki General Hospital, detective suzue tries to keep Tatara from leaving so soon. He just asks her what the top brass are saying about the incident. All the testimony they have says it was a gang war, but corruption from higher in the city stopped the investigation. They have no interest in acknowledging the Iron Mask guy and the others. He's surprised that with their flashy outfits that they don't leave any evidence behind. Their coworkers probably think they are crazy. Suzue only wishes she imagined them.

Mikoto and Sayo watch from her room as Tatara leaves. Mikoto asks Yuko if she allowed him to leave so soon. She says that they need to work from behind the scenes to nurture good people such as the detective. Mikoto then asks if he will be a problem since things got so out of hand. Sayo doubts so since they destroyed all the evidence. Miki is just depressed and doesn't care. Seems she's depressed because a celebrity she follows was recently arrested on obscenity charges. Miki then chases her after Sayo suggests that's why she can't get a boyfriend.

When the sun as set, Arashi is walking in the town. Back at Mikoto's room, shes frustrated about getting stuck here and not being able to go to school. When someone knocks, she tells them to enter. She's shocked to see it's Arashi. He came because she might need some company. She asks him about school, but he hesitates and just says nothing happened. She can tell by his grin that he had a really bad day.

Deeper inside the hospital, Fiona arrives with a call for Dr. Mochizuki. It's from Dr. Inunaki. Mochizuki takes the call and agrees to meet with him in four days at midnight. Fiona asks what this could be about, but he tells her they will just have to wait to find out.

CASE: 3 Midnight Guerrilla II - Overheat.....Pg.

Four days later, a lavish mansion is covered in flames. Mikoto and Arashi ride in and are shocked to see trees and human bodies all around them on fire. A tattooed man in a hot tub watches as the men around him burn alive. A beautiful dark-haired woman in a mask stands before him. She tells him that the worse a person is the faster they burn. The flames are created by the malice people hold for him. Only now does he notice the smell of fuel in the hot tub. She tosses a burning picture of himself in and it erupts in flames. She tells him to burn to ashes, all the way to his soul, and shoots him. Mikoto appears but misses her kick to this arsonist killer. She strikes a punch, but this person quickly evades her finisher. Mikoto demands to know who she is, but gets no response. Arashi then arrives to shield her from the killer's gunfire.

Several hours earlier, Tatara and Suzue are eating at the Joe Stars diner. Suzue brings up a case of recent arsons and asks if he thinks it's the Iron Mask and his friends. Suddenly he shouts at someone, but he was on the phone. They order and Suzue asks who he was talking to. He says it was his wife, and the topic is because he missed his daughter's wedding. It takes fives minutes before it dawns on Suzue that he in only now mentioning a wife and daughter. He tells her that the daughter isn't a blood relative. Her real father was killed in the line of duty nine years ago during a terrorist attack. Suzue mentions how they still don't know who caused that bombing. Tatara calls it the worst day of his career. The girl's father was suppose to have that day off and he was going to go. Though he was stubborn and went anyways. He doesn't think of himself as a father since he couldn't make it to the weddings since he got hurt.

Suzue thought it was Mikoto that stabbed him, but he tells her it was actually Mss Fujino. He thinks she's a biggest victim in all of this and doesn't even remember what sh did. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she was drugged. They couldn't identify it, and he never saw something that could make someone so violent. When they talk about how neither know how they got out of the building, they realize they were rescued by the Iron Mask guy and his friends. Suzue asks if he thinks they are terrorist fighting on the side of justice, but he's unsure.

In the evening at Mochizuki Hospital, Dr. Mochizuki, Fiona, Yuko, and Miki meet with Dr. Inunaki. He has the remains of Masaki's video camera and the evidence he films with it. He tells them that he in a way got this from Jin Masaki and it could be very harmful to Mochizuki's organization. He cuts the small l talk by asking his price for his silence for this evidence. He claims not to be there to blackmail them. Though it still looks that way to Mochizuki. Fiona then hands him a case filled with money. He hands over the memory card, and mentions he has some information he may like. A cargo ship is in the Pacific Ocean and heading for Tobioka. It's filled with a new narcotics form South America and has information on the distributors, such as Masaki. Inunaki says he doesn't know the details but it apparently makes the victim highly aggressive and suffers memory loss. The low price also makes it a danger because it could spread easily. Though Mochizuki can't help but wonder how Inunaki could benefit from him putting black labels on that crew. Dr. Inunaki though warns that violence can just lead to more. Dr. Mochizuki responds that justice is worth any cost.

Inunaki walks out and tells Yuko and Miki to keep a better eye on those kids. After he's gone, Yuko comment that he hasn't changed and that there is something fishy about him. Foina then hands Mochizuki the phone. Arashi tells him about the arsonist. He tells them both to come back, and he suspect Inunaki could be involved. Mikoto is determined to get revenge and stop that arsonist the next time they meet. Arashi agrees.

CASE: X Mikoto's Reason, Hinako's Emotion.....Pg.

Hinako has invited Arashi to her family's cafe to try the new menu. Only later does she realize that Mikoto is standing there as well. She tries to warn Arashi not to get too close to Hinako. Then she invites Mikoto, too. Arashi is later walking in some casual clothes that Sayo gave him, but he just doesn't feel right. Mikoto calls out and complains that he's late. She's wearing a cute dress, but she's not happy at his reaction, claiming it's just to keep her cover. When he compliments her on the dress. She's surprised, then thinks he's joking, but he thinks to himself that he was serious. As they walk, she says she's only going to make sure he doesn't say anything stupid.

They arrive at the Monte Carlo SS cafe, and she feels to need to talk to Hinako since they live in such a dangerous world apart from Hinako. Hinako greets them in maid clothes and cat ears. She apologizes for the outfit and says it was her father's idea. She brings out the food and tells them to enjoy all they want. Mikoto takes a bite and is surprised at the flavor of the food Arashi eats all the time. She demands to know if she used Bonito Dash, and Hinako is surprised she could tell so easily. He eats why the two talk about the recipe and get to know each other. He finishes and gets up to leave. He thanks her for the meal but says he has no more free time today. Even Mikoto thinks that was too harsh and tries to cheer up the visually dejected Hinako. Though, she smiles and agrees to keep cooking for him.

Outside, Mikoto says she's a nice girl, but he knows they can't do things such as this so easily. He just honestly likes the food. She volunteers to cook for him, but has no answer when he asks her why.


Points of Interest

  • The Monte Carlo SS cafe only appears in this volume in the okame CASE X chapter.


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