The World God Only Knows #2 - volume 2

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 10/17/2008

Plot Summary

Once again Keima and Elsea are on the hunt. This time they must deal with an  idol who is questioning her existence . After Keima becomes her friend , she becomes very dependent on him. So he uses a route that shows her that she can depend on her self and doesn't need other to prove her existence.  
 Elseas cooking is delicious.. to the being of new hell. For humans on the other hand its starts delicious, but 
 the consequences  for eating it are quite severe. So when Elsea tries to bake a cake for keima, he wants none of it.  In this story we see both points of view and the results of each characters actions. First from Elseas side and then from keimas . 
Meet Shiori Shiomiya, a  librarian that loves books so much she thinks of them as people. She spent so much of her time reading, that she lost her ability to speak her mind.  So when the library committee  decides  to get rid of some of these books and she's unable to say anything about it.   A gap in her heart opens. Its up to Keima to help Shiori find her voice and once again have people listen to her.


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Tamiki Wakaki writer,


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