Ghost Sweeper Mikami #2 - Volume 2

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on

Plot Summary

After kinu goes antique shopping. she brings back a mysterious base that according to Mikami had been missing for 300 years. They manage to open it and a gene comes out. He says that he will grant Mikami and yokoshima 3 wishes. However there is something weird

in the way he grants the wishes. MIkamis long time friend Rokudo Meiko has come to ask for Mikamis help. Even thou Meiko is the worlds strongest shikikami user. Why is Mikami so adamantly refusing to work with her?

A beautiful robot girl approaches yokoshima. He gets excited and begins to talk to her. He then gets immediately kidnapped. In the mean time Meiko tells mikami that the evil alchemist Dr Chaos has arrived in japan. Could Yokoshimas kidnapping and Dr Chaos arrival be linked some how.


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