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Beginning to smooth out from a rocky start Reviewed by Konanda on Dec. 31, 2009. Konanda has written 7 reviews. His/her last review was for Record of a Fallen Vampire 7. 1 out of 1 users recommend his reviews.

Continuing from vol. 1 The Record of a Fallen Vampire starts to ease the reader into the true direction Kyo (the author) is taking the narrative to. Volume 2 opens with Strauss fleeing from the previous battle in the last chapter thanks to the Black Swan’s sudden involvement. She catches up to him and given his currently injured state convinces him to come back with her to her grandfather’s mansion to negotiate an alliance. Bridget and company are quick to find them however and soon another fight breaks out but is stopped with the intervention of GM Gozen. (the current Black Swan’s grandfather and an Illuminatiesque leader who rules the world behind the scenes) Gozen threatens to eradicate the remaining dhampires should any of them continue to fight.

Following this skirmish it is revealed that the GM needs Strauss’s power along with his queen Adelheid in some scheme to save all of humanity. Meanwhile Bridget holds council with her three best dhampire warriors where it is revealed she has quite the past with Strauss before the fall of the Kingdom of Night 1000 years ago. This is where the manga starts to really become interesting as Yuri’s gorgeous art is combined with Kyo’s style of revealing some new piece of information of what happen 1000 years ago to lead to the Kingdom of Night being destroyed. The present day plot is still developed as well but for the most part it remains as a means to bring these characters together.

For those still interested in this promise of mystery and intrigue just hold on a little longer as volume 3 is where Kyo really figures out what direction he’s taking the story in and the seeming chaos becomes more organized.

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