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is a manga book published by Kadokawa Shoten that was released on 12/01/2007
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The Crow Calls Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on July 30, 2012. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 2 JPN (Dec 2007)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 2 JPN (Dec 2007)

Welcome again, thank you for joining me, M, for the second part of my adventure to review ever volume in the deadman series, if you missed the first volume you can find my review here, but if not then welcome as we take bite out of Deadman wonderland Volume two.

Volume two continues the story of Ganta, now with less to do with surviving the basic prison of Deadman Wonderland, but instead trying to find the “Red man” who murdered his entire class. This continues until he discovers G ward and the deadmen (people with abilities like ganta’s and the Redman’s) and more importantly that these people are forced to fight one another in the Carnival Corpse, but most importantly this volume marks the entry of one of my favorite characters, “The Crow.”

The series continues with its previous pros and cons with no real change in production and tone more in exactly where the story is going, and while a creepy prison is a more original plot device then a series of tournament style battles it’s not done poorly and if that’s what it takes for me to get my crow then hell yes. The manga seems to however be kicking into overdrive too hard in terms of pacing, literally the final chapter introduces four all new characters and provides a radical (if predictable) twist to one already established characters.

Basically Deadman wonderlands biggest issue is more of a bad omen, it seems to be putting too much on its plate too fast and I’ve yet to see if it can handle it. That being said I am very much interested in where this is going seeing as I’m already seeing major differentiations from the anime hopefully for the better. I still am very much enjoying deadman wonderland and still extremely interested which shows the volume is succeeding well enough at what it is despite its questionable plot choices.

While not as good as future diary in terms of pacing story telling and execution but it remains excellent and within that type of creepy and dark that I rather enjoy. This volume continues the franchise at a very solid 4 Shiro cheers out of 5, but that’s not all gentlemen, we got nine more volumes to go on this epic saga and as you all know, you can’t stop the M train. Later vicers.

This is M reminding you children, the Crow is calling
This is M reminding you children, the Crow is calling
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