Deadman Wonderland #2 - Volume 2

is a manga book published by Kadokawa Shoten that was released on 12/01/2007

Plot Summary

As Ganta becomes more accustomed to Deadman Wonderland, he discovers that the Red Man is in the prison with him. He looks for revenge as he pulls his new friends into the underbelly of the bizarre prison. What is lurking down there surprised them all as Tamaki reveals the true nature of the park and what the name Deadman Wonderland truly refers to.

Chapter 5: Necro Macro-pg 005

Ganta has a nightmare about the Red Man as he awakens from his slumber to find out that he is in the medical ward with Shiro watching over him. He wonders on how he got there as the doctor cites how lucky he is. He also points out how he saw something like that a few years ago with a man that had weird powers. The doctor mentions how he was shipped to the G-Ward as Ganta and Shiro go looking for this area. Makina, meanwhile, tries to deduce what happened in the court yard earlier as she knows its tied to Tamaki and Ganta. She orders a full lock down of the prison and tells Kagusa to ready a battle robot, something they haven't used in years due to its lethality. Makina uses the password to activate the mecha Necro Macro to hunt Ganta.

The order for the lock down echoes throughout the prison as it also orders for Ganta to turn himself in. Tamaki laughs about the situation as Takami approaches him, wanting to know what kind of powers Ganta truly has. Tamaki pays him off as he tells him to search for Ganta himself. Shiro continues to follow Ganta around, unable to locate G-Ward. Takami finds them and tells them that there are only six wards, not seven. Ganta claims that its to kill the Red Man since all of his friends are dead. Necro Macro approaches as Shiro states she knows how to get to the G-Ward but won't tell. As the mecha moves in closer, she kicks open a ventalation shaft as they crawl in to escape as Necro Macro fires its guns.

Even though they are out of the line of fire, they are not safe as Makina orders it to tunnel through the walls. Takami is able to disable it for a minute as they move on, finding that there is a G-Ward underneath Deadman Wonderland. As they marvel at the sight, Necro Macro zooms in on the, unleashing a fire storm. A man from inside the G Ward hears the commotion, resembling the Red Man. Makina is annoyed to find that Necro Macro has disappeared from their radars, indicating that he is out of their jurisdiction. Ganta feels regret for getting this far to avenge his friends as Shiro pummels the robot, yelling at Ganta for disregarding her as a friend. As he apologizes, Necro Macro is able to seize her and tries to attack. Ganta attempts to use his gun from the other day but fails to do so.

Luckily, a massive explosion breaks the G Ward door as something slices Necro Macro to pieces. A man emerges from the rubble as he calls Ganta 'Woodpecker'.

Chapter 6: Crow Claw-pg 049

Commentators in a chat room discuss the events of an experiment they watched and hope to enjoy the action tomorrow when they see the Woodpecker fight the Crow. Tamaki is talking to the commentators as he is interupted by the task group in the G-Ward that state that Ganta and the Crow are already starting to fight. Ganta figures that the man he saw destroy Necro Macro is the Red Man as he grabs a pipe to attack. The man initiates an attack called the Crow Claw as he unleashes blades from his arms, cutting up Ganta as he falls over. The man wonders just what the problem is with Ganta as he knows he is the Woodpecker and should be able to use his powers. Ganta realizes that the way to use is powers is that he has to be bleeding in order to use it as he fires his shot at the mans chest.

As this fight is going on, Makina and her crew are attempting to find Necro Macro and trace its locator. They discover that where its readings pick up is a blank empty space as Makina knows Tamaki is connected to it. Ganta calls the Red Man out, saying he is going to avenge his friends as the man reveals that he was not injured. He also comments that his name is Kiyomasa Senji and has no idea what Ganta is talking about. Senji tells Ganta that the real purpose behind Deadman Wonderland is to contain prisoners like themselves. He tries to attack again but Shiro knocks him to the ground, Senji becoming smitten with her appearence.

Tamaki's guards come by and knock the two super humans out while arresting Takami and Shiro. Senji is taken to Rei Takashima, Tamaki's personal assistant as Ganta is restrained in a lab.Senji is treated for multiple fractures as Rei ponders if he should be taken out of the tournament tomorrow. He attacks her as he wants his chance to slice open Ganta. Shiro and Takami are escorted back to the upper levels of the prison as the guards inform them that they probably won't see him again as they take Takami's Cast Points.

He sees Tamaki and realizes that he is the man who was his defense attorney at his trial. Tamaki explains that he intentionally made sure his trial was sabotaged so he would come to the prison. He explains that the prison is made to house people like himself called deadman who can use their blood as weapons known as branches of sin. He says that Ganta will be in an experiment tomorrow and if he does well, then he can get Cast Points and candy. If Ganta wins often, then Tamaki promises to let him see the Red Man. Ganta is furious but Tamaki tells him that he is going to fight Senji tomorrow in an event called Carnival Corpse.

Chapter 7: Carnival Corpse- pg 093

Tamaki explains that the Carnival Corpse is an event exclusive to high paying clients where two deadmen fight in a battle to see who is the strongest. The winner gets Cast Points and candy while the loser is punished or dies. The whole purpose of the Carnival is to experiment on the deadmen. Even if one of them loses, Tamaki shows Ganta that they usually take a body part from the loser to experiment with. He is still annoyed as Tamaki tells him that he will fight Senji tomorrow. Makina attempts to see the head director of the park as a pair of mysterious twins block her off, a scene showing the director of the prison to be a dilapitated man.

Shiro and Takami are trying to find a way back into the G-Ward. Takami wants his stolen Cast Points back while Shiro is worried about Ganta. Takami tries to console her but Shiro informs him that Ganta has always been a weakling. Ganta is thrown into a massive bird cage which is the arena for the battle as the announcer mentions that the battle is the Crow versus the Woodpecker. Tamaki watches on as he reveals he doesn't care for either man's life. As Senji prepares for the battle, Ganta remembers he needs to be bleeding as he cuts himself open. He runs up a tree to get out of the range of Senji's blades as he launches a few blasts. However, Senji is able to deflect them as Ganta tries to fire a massive shot.

Ganta begins to feel dizzy as Senji reminds him that his weapon is his blood. Ganta ignores this as the commentators chastise the match. Rei comments on how a child's body only has 1.5 liters of blood in his system while adults have 2. Senji goes on the attack and begins to injure Ganta. Rei comes to Tamaki with news about Ganta and an odd red stone that is embedded in his chest. The odd thing is that this stone is the same as red stones that appeared all throughout Tokyo after the earthquake ten years ago. He comments that they'll take it out when he loses, even if Ganta dies. Takami asks Shiro why she is so worried as she explains outside that when they used to play as kids, Ganta would cry and quit early despite Shiro's strength. The one thing though she admires about him is that he always gets up.

After being beaten, Ganta gets back up with a little amount of stamina in his system. Senji and the audience are surprised as Ganta aims upwards, knocking down the loudspeaker in the cage. Senji cuts it into pieces to avoid getting crushed as he realizes that it was meant as a distraction as Ganta has his hand on his chest, firing at point blank range as Senji falls over, defeated from the attack as the audience is stunned and speechless.

Chapter 8: Bloodthirsty Majesty- pg 141

As the match wraps up, declaring Ganta the winner of the Carnival Corpse, Takami is still trying to find a way back down to the G-Ward. An information broker tells him about how Shiro is walking around in the lower parts of Deadman Wonderland as they meet up. They both want to try and save Ganta as they see Azami walk by with a friend, commenting on a weird part of the prison they got back from. Realizing its another way to the G-Ward, Takami asks Azami where it is as she knows she owes a debt to Ganta as well.

In the cog-like G-Ward, Ganta eats his candy as he reflects on the win as well as how even Senji congratulated him for a well fought match. Someone enters his room as a loosely dressed woman walks in. She introduces herself as Chaplin Sukegawa as she has brought along Minatsuki Takami, Itadaki Kazuya, and Idaki Hitara. Ganta knows that if they are in the G-Ward, they are also deadman but he is stunned to see that they just want to party to introduce him to his new home. Takami and Shiro find a ventilation shaft to the G-Ward but its being blocked off by a giant fan. Takami knows that the control room monitors energy and such, but it would be too dangerous. Shiro claims she can do the task easily as Takami figures that if they have a distraction, they can get down into the G-Ward.

Now in Chaplin's cell, Ganta is still reluctant to party with the others since all his experiences thus far have been unpleasant. Minatsuki tries to comfort him as Idaki reminds him to use as much of his Cast Points to stock up on candy, stating that his daughter told him so through the visor and headphones he wears. Ganta begins to loosen up as he equates the experience as to going to a new school. This is crushed as Chaplin announces its time to watch a show called "Too Bad, So Sad." A television pops up as Ganta sees Senji on the screen. Ganta wonders what is going on as Rei spins a slot machine, announcing it will be the right eye.

Chaplin explains that the deadman are still test subjects for Tamaki and Rei and the other scientists in the prison. As a result, any time a person loses Carnival Corpse, they must give up a body part for their causes. Ganta is repulsed as they show on the screen Senji's right eye begin extracted from his head, something that Chaplin comments that Rei is getting turned on by it. The group continues to party as Ganta is visibly shaken by what he just saw. Shiro is able to break into the guard post as Takami tricks the staff into turning off the power supply to the fan. As he climbs down, Shiro stops suddenly, stating that the Lullaby has stopped. In a flash, the guard post is destroyed in a fiery twisted mess with body parts flying around Takami. He is stunned to see how Shiro has done this while Ganta throws up, remembering this is his new life and how it is twisted. The prison director cries as he knows the tragedy of the woodpecker.

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Used
Ganta IgarashiGanta Gun
Senji KiyomasaCrow Claw
Dead Center


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User Reviews
The Crow Calls Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on July 30, 2012. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 2 JPN (Dec 2007)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 2 JPN (Dec 2007)

Welcome again, thank you for joining me, M, for the second part of my adventure to review ever volume in the deadman series, if you missed the first volume you can find my review here, but if not then welcome as we take bite out of Deadman wonderland Volume two.

Volume two continues the story of Ganta, now with less to do with surviving the basic prison of Deadman Wonderland, but instead trying to find the “Red man” who murdered his entire class. This continues until he discovers G ward and the deadmen (people with abilities like ganta’s and the Redman’s) and more importantly that these people are forced to fight one another in the Carnival Corpse, but most importantly this volume marks the entry of one of my favorite characters, “The Crow.”

The series continues with its previous pros and cons with no real change in production and tone more in exactly where the story is going, and while a creepy prison is a more original plot device then a series of tournament style battles it’s not done poorly and if that’s what it takes for me to get my crow then hell yes. The manga seems to however be kicking into overdrive too hard in terms of pacing, literally the final chapter introduces four all new characters and provides a radical (if predictable) twist to one already established characters.

Basically Deadman wonderlands biggest issue is more of a bad omen, it seems to be putting too much on its plate too fast and I’ve yet to see if it can handle it. That being said I am very much interested in where this is going seeing as I’m already seeing major differentiations from the anime hopefully for the better. I still am very much enjoying deadman wonderland and still extremely interested which shows the volume is succeeding well enough at what it is despite its questionable plot choices.

While not as good as future diary in terms of pacing story telling and execution but it remains excellent and within that type of creepy and dark that I rather enjoy. This volume continues the franchise at a very solid 4 Shiro cheers out of 5, but that’s not all gentlemen, we got nine more volumes to go on this epic saga and as you all know, you can’t stop the M train. Later vicers.

This is M reminding you children, the Crow is calling
This is M reminding you children, the Crow is calling
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