Rave Master #2 - Volume 2

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 12/15/1999

Plot Summary

Rave Master - Vol. 2

What a way to start a quest! No sooner did Haru GLory accept his destiny as the new RAVE Master, than his sword, the legendary 10 Powers, shattered into thousand pieces after fighting his first enemy. Now he has to travel to the Continent of Song to have Musica the blacksmith reforge his blade. Haru's first stop--Hip Hop Town, a shady burg run by the gaseous goon Georco. Without his Ten Powers sword, Haru is virtually defenseless. To make matters worse, his guide, Plue, has been dognapped and entered in a deadly dog race! If Haru's going to get out of this jam, he's going to need a friend. Who would have guessed that his only hope lies in a hot-headed, amnesiac tomboy with a penchant for gambling? Elie might not be ideal friend material, but in times like these, Haru'll take what he can get!


RAVE 005 - Travel Trouble?!.....Pg. 007

RAVE 006 - Dead or Alive.....Pg. 027

RAVE 007 - Revenge as a Trio!.....Pg. 047

RAVE 008 - The Magic of a Smile.....Pg. 067

RAVE 009 - The Legendary Blacksmith.....Pg. 087

RAVE 010 - The Wandering Fallen Angel.....Pg. 107

RAVE 011 - From the Broken Door.....Pg. 127

RAVE 012 - The Inheritance.....Pg. 147

RAVE 013 - The Bridge of Promises.....Pg. 167


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Hiro Mashima artist,


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