Dragonball Kanzenban (Perfect) Edition #2 - Volume 2

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 12/04/2002

Plot Summary

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 15: Seven Star Ball Discovered
  • Chapter 16: Rabbit Ears
  • Chapter 17: The Boss's Special Skill
  • Chapter 18: The Dragonballs are Stolen !!
  • Chapter 19: Finally the Dragon appears
  • Chapter 20: The Wish to Shenron
  • Chapter 21: Full Moon
  • Chapter 22: Goku's Great Transformation
  • Chapter 23: The Dragon Team Part Ways
  • Chapter 24: The Price of Kame-sennin's Training
  • Chapter 25: A Rival? Arrives
  • Chapter 26: The Peculiar Girl
  • Chapter 27: Lunch's Sneeze
  • Chapter 28: The Training Begins
  • Chapter 29: Search for the Kame Marked Stone


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Akira Toriyama artist, cover, writer,


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