GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka #2 - Volume 2

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 06/25/2002

Plot Summary

Lesson 6 – The Teacher, Onizuka

Onizuka arrives at Nanako's home, much to the surprise of her parents, carrying a large sledgehammer. Despite their protests Onizuka enters the home and casually kicks down the door to Nanako's father's room. He surveys the room, confirms that it's the one he's looking for with Nanako, and then knocks a large hole in the wall with the hammer. Onizuka says that he thinks that the room will be much warmer with the hole in it now. The rest is up to Nanako, he tells her. Then he strolls out of the house into the night. Nanako's mother's frantic attempts to call the police are stopped when Nanako hangs up the phone.

Onizuka's training period is over and he thanks his class as his delinquent students hold back the tears at their badass teacher leaving. In the teacher's lounge Onizuka overhears some of the other trainee teachers touched by their students, and smiles. In his locker Onizuka finds a note from Nanako. She writes that after the incident, her parents stopped arguing with each other, and finally began to smile at one another again. The situation went back to normal once the hole was fixed, but now Nanako knows what needs to be done and will work to bring her family back together again. In thanks, Nanako flashes Onizuka, while not wearing any panties.

Lesson 7 – The Educator's Exam

Onizuka celebrates his upcoming job as a teacher. He runs into Ryuji who is surprised to see him since there's a final examination to get your teaching license today. Onizuka shrugs him off, telling Ryuji that that's only for people who don't have any offers, and he's set with the Principal of the school he did his training at. Ryuji shows Onizuka the current news story running on the television reporting on the exam for teachers. Onizuka looks on in horror as the news anchor says that without passing the exam there's no way a teacher could work in the Public School system.

Despite tearing down the street on his motorcycle Onizuka finds out he's too late to take the exam. Ryuji later finds him drunk and nearly passed out sitting on the ground outside a bar after closing time. As Ryuji half carries a defeated Onizuka back home he tries to cheer up Onizuka telling him about what a crappy job being a teacher would have been and how he should partner up with Ryuiji and go into business together instead. Onizuka turns the offer down. He confides that while doing the training to become a teacher, he realized something about himself: that in his heart, he's still one of the kids. Ryuji looks a little surprised, and then smiles. He hands Onizuka a list of private schools looking for teachers. Unlike public schools, private schools are not required to hire teachers that have passed the certification exam, and there's hope for him yet to become a teacher.

Lesson 8 – There's A Pervert On The Bus

While his former-biker-gang-member-turned-cop friend Toshiyuki Saejima shoots beer cans with a gun he “found” at a bust, Onizuka calls private school after private school for a job interview without success. Scrounging for teaching opportunities at a career center prove no less fruitful until he comes across an add from Holy Forest Academy, looking to fill a few teaching positions.

On the bus to his interview at Holy Forest he is bumped into by a young attractive woman. While kneeling down to pick up his dropped book he notices a tear in seat of the woman's pants, making out purple lace panties and bare skin underneath. Onizuka carefully prepares for a well-placed ass-grab, but is beaten to it by another person's hand. Onizuka grabs the offending hand, attached to an older, balding man. He headbutts the perpetrator, and calls him out in front of the rest of the bus.

Once off the bus the woman thanks Onizuka. She introduces herself as Azusa Fuyutsuki, and she is also headed to Holy Forest Academy to try to get a teaching job there. Onizuka lends Azusa his jacket to help protect her modesty and the two chat while waiting for their interviews. Azusa tells Onizuka that Holy Forest Academy cares more about the personality of the person, rather than their marks or what college they went to. Nonetheless Onizuka is less than optimistic about his chances. Azusa remarks that he might do well and they could end up working at the Academy together, which sends Onizuka into a romantic school dream. The fantasy is cut short by someone calling his name for his interview.

Onizuka opens the door to the office, only to come face to face with the man he had headbutted only hours before on the bus: Hiroshi Uchiyamada, the vice-principal of Holy Forest Academy.

Lesson 9 – The German Suplex (or Back of Steel)

Onizuka's interview goes less than ideal, as to be expected. Uchiyamada blasts Onizuka's grade-school level resume, and lectures him on the kind of trash Uchiyamada thinks he is. Onizuka leaves the office, defeated. Gloomily, Onizuka trudges over to the school store and buys a drink. The woman running the store asks him how his interview went and Onizuka relates how he's always been treated like trash and eventually you start to believe it yourself. Onizuka says, that if he was a teacher, he wouldn't do that to his students; all that would stop with him. The conversation is interrupted by some former students that the Vice-Principal had kicked out of school, making loud threats calling for Uchiyamada.

The woman running the school store suggests to Onizuka that this would be a great opportunity to win favor with Uchiyamada. Onizuka inserts himself in between the former students and Uchiyamada, telling them that if they harm the Vice-Principal at all, they will answer to him. Bolstered by the defense, Uchiyamada hides behind Onizuka and tells the students what he thinks of them, echoing the scorn he had berated Onizuka with minutes before in his interview.

At that Onizuka calmly turns to Uchiyamada, and performs a suplex on him him.

Lesson 10 – Gotta Be Rock N' Roll

With that Onizuka turns and walks away. Some of the teachers angrily shout at him, calling him a thug. Onizuka replies that as long as there are teachers like them, looking down their noses at people, there will be students like the ones who threatened Uchiyamada. Digusted, Onizuka leaves. Azusa chases after him imploring him to come back, that his speech was inspiring, but Onizuka continues to walk away.

Three days later Onizuka is on a stretch of highway far away from Tokyo, training to be a truck driver. Ryuji calls him up and tells him that Holy Forest Academy had called and that they wanted to see him for a final interview that evening. Pulling a U-turn, and ignoring the immense chaos he creates, Onizuka floors it and heads back towards Tokyo. He only has to travel 700km in three hours. Onizuka leaves an impressive trail of destruction in his wake, but arrives too late. However someone is waiting for him still: the woman who worked at the school store. She invites Onizuka in to begin his interview.

Lesson 11 – Back of Steel Seals the Deal

The woman beckons Onizuka into the school. Onizuka is hesitant, thinking it must be some kind of scam. Hesitation changes to shock when the women sits down in the chair behind the Chairman of the Board's desk. Chairman Ryoko Sakurai explains that working at the school store is just a hobby of hers, to let her people-watch. She hands a stunned Onizuka some paperwork to fill out and, with a smile, tells him he's hired. She explains that even though Holy Forest is a distinguished school, they still have their share of trouble with students. Which is where Onizuka comes in. Onizuka cheerfully agrees to show his students the strength of his German Suplex.

A cheerful Onizuka arrives back at his apartment to Azusa and Ryuji popping party favors and brandishing booze in honor of Onizuka's new job. As the three celebrate, Onizuka explains to them the one stipulation of the job: he has to live on campus. Azusa remarks that it is rather odd, since as far as she knows there's no dorms on campus. Onizuka simply shrugs it off and continues to celebrate.

Lesson 12 – Teacher Onizuka is Born

April. The start of a new school year. Azusa and Onizuka celebrate earning their teaching certificates, though Onizuka is a little too excited and tears his in half. Ryuji and Azusa help Onizuka move his belongings onto campus. Azusa stops the truck at the entrance to campus, and she and Onizuka cross over together, marking the beginning of their careers as teachers.

At the front desk Onizuka asks where the teacher's dorms are. Confused, the man working tells Onizuka that there are no dorms of any kind on campus. Onizuka explains who he is and the man recognizes the name. He leads Onizuka up a series of stairs until they're on the landing leading out onto the roof. The man explains that this is where Onizuka will be staying. Grumbling, Onizuka moves in to his new “home.” That night, still grumbling, while eating dinner he is interrupted by sounds coming from the roof, and discovers a woman's shoe.

Lesson 13 – Leap of Faith

Continuing to investigate the sounds, Onizuka finds a man and a woman on the rooftop getting it on. However the tryst is broken up when the woman notices Onizuka lifting up her skirt and wearing night-vision goggles. Afterwards Onizuka takes advantage of the empty school by scavenging through the Teacher's Lounge and taping Uchiyamada's desk closed. He discovers a group of teenagers standing in the school field, trying to communicate with UFOs. After kicking them off campus and cleaning off the graffiti they made in retaliation, Onizuka is startled to find a supply locker rattling. Opening it up he finds a student tied up with a sign attached to his chest naming him “Pee Boy”.

Onizuka brings the boy, Noboru Yoshikawa, back to his “apartment.” Noboru explains that he was beaten up and put in the locker by some school bullies. He tells Onizuka that he wants him to help get revenge on the bullies. Onizuka refuses and tells Noburo to do it himself. With that Noburo walks out the door onto the roof and stands at the the building and prepares to kill himself. Onizuka panics and tries to talk Noburo down. As he approaches Noburo though, Onizuka trips and accidentally pushes Noburo off the building.

With the thoughts of the newspaper headlines of a teacher-murderer running through his head Onizuka leaps after the falling Noburo and is able to catch him. Noburo is able to safely step onto a nearby ledge. Unfortunately the position Onizuka is in leads him to fall from the roof instead. A car breaks Onizuka's fall. Chairman Sakurai comes out of a nearby building to find Onizuka still alive.

Lesson 14 – The National Kid

Other than numerous cuts and bruises Onizuka is alright somehow though. As she binds Onizuka's numerous cuts, Chairman Sakurai comments on his uncanny resistance to damage. With his vantage point at the top of the school, she says, he could be Holy Forest's very own super hero. She asks Onizuka to stay on the roof and protect her school, and in return she'll make him a real teacher. As she leaves Sakurai asks Onizuka to take Noburo home.

On the road, Noburo asks Onizuka why he became a teacher. Onizuka replies that it seemed fun. When they arrive at his house, Noburo doesn't want to enter because he'd be embarrassed by his parents. Onizuka's solution is to scamper up the side of the house and break into Noburo's room though the window. Noburo's room is littered with video games. He explains that it's all he does since he has no friends. Onizuka promises that Noburo will enjoy school as much as Onizuka does this coming year.

The next morning the owner of the car that broke Onizuka's fall is found to be none other than Vice-Principal Uchiyamada. He argues with Chairman Sakurai over the hiring of Onizuka and Sakurai brushes it off. Uchiyamada continues to fume until a teacher tells him that Onizuka has been assigned as the homeroom teacher of the “problem class”: Year Two, Class Four.

And Uchiyamada just laughs.


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