History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi #2 - Volume 2

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 10/08/2002

Plot Summary

At the Ryozanpaku dojo, Kenichi is introduced to the masters there, the philosophical jujitsu master Akisame , the straightforward Muay Thai warrior Apachai, the lecherous Kempo master Ma Kensei, wildman karate master Sakaki, the enigmatic weapon prodigy Shigure, & the dojo's head, the invincible superman Hayato Furinji, who is also Miu's grandfather. Kenichi is accepted as a student, and is guided by Akisame in his basic training with some assistance from Ma. While Kenichi finds his new training regimen brutal, he throws himself into it as the delinquent senior from the karate club is hellbent on fighting him.

Unfortunately, while his training has made him stronger, it still isn't enough to allow Kenichi to hold his own with his new tormentor. After making sure that his motives are pure, Akisame & Ma begin teaching him techniques as well, while Sakaki, who had previously been obstinate about not teaching anyone, is moved by his sympathy to Kenichi's plight begins instructing him as well. Kenichi triumphs over his senior, but soon finds that he has attracted the attention of even stronger delinquents, and much to his horror he must have his training intensified if he has a hope to survive.

Chapter Titles

  • Battle 008. "He Becomes The Disciple"
  • Battle 009. "There's No Time!"
  • Battle 010. "The Face I Don't Wish To See"
  • Battle 011. "Sakaki Sensei"
  • Battle 012. "The First Blow"
  • Battle 013. "Weightless"
  • Battle 014. "The Fight's Inferno!"
  • Battle 015. "Honoka's Price"
  • Battle 016. "The Dream"
  • Battle 017. "Get Caught In The Neigborhood!"


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