Fairy Tail #14 - Volume 14

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 03/17/2009

Plot Summary

Laxus wants Fairy Tail for himself, and he's set his three powerful allies against the entire guild! But when the attacks of Laxus's right-hand man become sadistic, the guild's angel, Mirajane, is forced to reveal the frightening satanic power she's been hiding for so long!


Japanese Release Date: March 17, 2009

American Release Date: July 12, 2011

Honorifics Explained pg. v

Fairy Tail volume 14 pg. 1

Chapter 110: Resign - "Rizain" (投了(リザイン) pg. 3

Chapter 111: Four Members Remaining - "Nokori Yonin" (残り4人) pg. 23

Chapter 112: Bombing Runs and Sword Dances - "Danmaku Kenbu" (弾幕剣舞) pg. 44

Chapter 113: Thunder Palace - "Kaminari Den" (神鳴殿) pg. 67

Chapter 114: Love Breaks Down Walls - "Ai wa Kabe o Kudaite" (愛は壁を砕いて) pg. 87

Chapter 115: Regulus (The Light of the Lion) - "Regurusu" (獅子の光(レグルス) pg. 107

Chapter 116: Cana vs. Juvia - "Kana vs. Jubia" (カナ vs. ジュビア) pg. 127

Chapter 117: Satan's Halo - "Satan Kōrin" (サタン降臨) pg. 147

Chapter 118: Gentle Words - "Yasashii Kotoba" (やさしい言葉) pg. 167

Bonus Section pg. 187

Translation Notes pg. 193

Preview of volume 15 pg. 196


Hiro Mashima Afterword and Notes


Hiro Mashima talks about his trial of trying out several paint programs for the volume cover and other features. He tells the readers to try out new things


He talks about how predictable the story is with the tournament and how his editor knew it was coming.

Q and A with Lucy and Mirajane

Lucy and Mirajane answer questions such as when can Loke be called, what is Etherion and can Yuka's Wave Motion beat Etherion, and if Jellal is alive.


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