Fairy Tail #13 - Volume 13

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 12/17/2008

Plot Summary

The Fight For Fairy Tail has begun
The Fight For Fairy Tail has begun

After returning home from the battle at the Tower of Heaven, Natsu and his team take some time to relax. Erza can't believe that the long nightmare is finally over and offers her old friends a chance to return to the guild. At first they accept but then decide it is time for them to set off and explore the world.

Upon returning home they find that it is time for the annual Harvest Festival, a time to celebrate the fall season with a large parade and other festivities. Lucy is excited because she finds out there is a Miss Fairy Tail Pageant that she can use to rake in some dough and pay off her rent. Unfortunately not everyone is happy this time of year, as Laxus is fed up with his guild looking like a laughing stock, he wants his guild to be feared, not a place full of laughing jokesters. He takes out his aggression on Fairy Tail's latest member Gajeel, who was the one who attacked Fairy Tail not too long ago and Laxus blames for the bad name they've gotten, but this isn't enough for him, he needs more in the way of revenge.

Laxus gathers together the Raijinshuu, his personal bodyguards made up of Fried, Bixlow, and Evergreen, and interrupts the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant by having Evergreen turn all the contestants into stone with her Gorgon like stare. Laxus tells them that if they want to free the girls then they have one hour to defeat him and his guards, otherwise they'll turn to dust. But not only that, the guild must fight itself now until only the strongest survive. Fried has set up a series of traps and enchantments around the city to guarantee they have to fight to move on, and with that the Fight for Fairy Tail has begun... with Natsu unfortunately left out of the action as an enchantment is keeping him trapped inside the guild, leaving the fate of Fairy Tail (as well as the fate of Lucy and Erza) up to Gray and all his other friends.

Plot Summary

Japanese Release Date: December 17, 2008

American Release Date: May 10, 2011

Chapter 101: Rage Within the Red Earth - "Akai Daichi no Gekikō" (赤い大地の激昂)

Chapter 102: Walk Strong - "Tsuyoku Aruke" (強く歩け,)

Chapter 103: Home

Chapter 104: Best Friend

Chapter 105: That Man, Laxus - "Sono Otoko, Rakusasu" (その男、ラクサス)

Chapter 106: The Harvest Festival - "Shūkakusai" (収穫祭)

Chapter 107: The Battle of Fairy Tail - "Batoru obu Fearī Teiru" (バトル・オブ・フェアリーテイル)

Chapter 108: Go-cheen - "Gochīn!!" (ゴチーン!!)

Chapter 109: Friendly Fire for Friendship's Sake - "Tomo no Tame ni Tomo o Ute" (友の為に友を打て)


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