Dr. Slump #12 - Volume 12

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 12/08/1983

Plot Summary

Viz Edition Release Date: May 1, 2007

In an especially tearful episode, Senbei fixes the anti-gravity device on the Tsuns family's rocket, and they leave Penguin Village forever...or at least, for a few pages. And in a slightly less tearful episode, Senbei fixes the anti-gravity device (again!), this time so that King Nikochan can return home--with some unwanted stowaways: Arale and the Gatchans!

Chapters Titles

  • Chapter 139. Star Light, Star Bright
  • Chapter 140. There Go the Tsuns!
  • Chapter 141. Go! Go! Nikochan!
  • Chapter 142. A Nikochan Reunion
  • Chapter 143. The Horrible Truth about Radishes
  • Chapter 144. Hello, Deathmatch!
  • Chapter 145. The Thief Who Loved Books
  • Chapter 146. Gangsters Welcome
  • Chapter 147. The Kon-Kon Helmet
  • Chapter 148. N'cha, Penseal!
  • Chapter 149. Yippee, Penseal!
  • Chapter 150. A Very Painful Christmas


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Akira Toriyama artist, cover, writer,



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