Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #11 - Volume 11

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 01/18/2012

Plot Summary

After Aladdin uses his Wisdom of Solomon to save Dunya from being consumed by the Black Rukh, Alibaba's group rushed to find Zagan who apologized for his actions and begins healing Morgiana. Meanwhile, a snake emerges from Isnan's head. He selects Hakuryuu as his king's candidate based on Hakuryuu's Ki Manipulation and Magoi amount. While the Toran villagers are reuniting with each other, Alibaba wonders what has he accomplished upon reflecting on Zagan's words. Then, a snake bit Hakuryuu's left hand. When Zagan notices Hakuryuu is questioning himself, Zagan reassures him that he will be a kind king.


  • Chapter 99: The Dark Metal Vessel Again
  • Chapter 100: Trump Card
  • Chapter 101: Dark Djinn Equip
  • Chapter 102: Extreme Magic
  • Chapter 103: Turn of Fate
  • Chapter 104: The True Nature of Strength
  • Chapter 105: Dungeon Conqueror
  • Chapter 106: I Can Still Fight!!
  • Chapter 107: Fury
  • Chapter 108: Swordsmen


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Shinobu Ohtaka artist, cover, writer,



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