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is a manga book published by Kadokawa Shoten that was released on 10/23/2011
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Carnival Comes to a Close Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on Aug. 11, 2012. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews.
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 11 JPN (Oct 2011)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 11 JPN (Oct 2011)

Hello Vice, it is I, M, here this time for that last show in our carnival, the final Available Deadman Wonderland Volume, Volume 11. This last show completes the quest I have set out for finishing off the world of Deadman Wonderland until the artists hiatus comes to a close. That being said lefts set this one off as we push on with the final Volume.

With Ganta surrendered to the mockingbird the crow is saved, however things get even more disturbing as the rest of the Deadman Crew discover the secrets of the Wretched Eggs origins while Ganta find out exactly who Shiro is and what Mockingbird is planning. Volume 11 features mostly flash back and back-story until the ending half of the Volume.

Speaking specifically to Deadman Wonderland Volume 11 I feel like it’s distinctly focusing on things I care about. Shiro, Mockingbird, Ganta, and Crow are the primary characters, all of whom are my favorites. With no silly last minute introduction of auxiliary characters lets Deadman start coming to a close on exactly what we cared about in the very beginning. This Arc is very easily my favorite and to see and understand her and the Wretched egg better is well overdue.

However not much actually happens in Volume 11, a lot is explained, but as things begin to come to a natural close Deadman Wonderland seems to be dragging its feet in the dirt. The explanations while enjoyable take up too much of Deadman wonderlands time, more than anything volume 11 feels like it has a lot of talk but nothing really going on yet, something that should be wrapping up just is standing still. So while it’s my favorite arc and I remain interesting, I’m starting to feel more and more withered by Deadman Wonderland again.

I have a lot more to say about Deadman wonderland, and will in the form of a blog post, but for now my mini review quest is over. This is the final available volume until the lead artist returns from maternity leave. So for now the Carnival closes its doors and Deadman Wonderland remains quiet. I’m glad to have kept up with this quest even if I walk away with some serious issues with the Franchise as a whole. Over all I give this Volume alone 3.5 Deadmen out of 5. That’s all for the carnival folks, but it’ll return in time, and when it does, M will too. Later Vice.

M's quest is over but remember, the Carnival always returns.
M's quest is over but remember, the Carnival always returns.
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