Cage of Eden #11 - Volume 11

is a manga book published by Kodansha Comics USA that was released on 02/17/2011

Plot Summary

This is when Sengoku's group finally find's Eiken's group but are only able to find their bags. Although the location of Eikan's group is near a strange tower out in the middle of nowhere in a wasteland environment. Sengoku's group only clue of what happened is part of a statue stuck in the ground. Will Sengoku and the others find Eiken's group?

While taking turns looking for Eiken's group around the tower, Rion and some girls have gone missing near the statue. Which Shirou is able to figure out that they are all in a pitfall. Which Sengoku is able to rescue Rion and everyone inside the pitfall.

Yarai's group comes across a man-made mountain which has unknown origins. It is made out of small stones and plastic.

After Sengoku's group are all saved for the meantime, after have made walls to protect from animal attack. Sengoku and others start finding parts of the statue found near the tower. After all of this then Sabertooth Tigers, Titanis, and Propleopus attacks. But Sengoku's group are able to defend themselves throughout all attacks.

Chapter Titles

  • Episode 86: Especial Place
  • Episode 87: My Girl
  • Episode 88: Forward My Men!
  • Episode 89: Mouth of the Earth
  • Episode 90: Pitfall
  • Episode 91: Place For Survive
  • Episode 92: A Man-Made Mountain
  • Episode 93: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
  • Episode 94: Strong Will


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