Yotsuba&! #10 - Volume 10

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 11/27/2010

Plot Summary

Yen Press Edition Release Date: October 25, 2011

Yotsuba loooooves playing games! When Daddy’s the counter in hide-and-seek, he can never find Yotsuba, ’cos I’m such a good hider! And when we go to the park, Yotsuba’s the bestest at swing-tag-shoe-races. Daddy says Yotsuba’s making up the rules as we go along, but Yotsuba thinks Daddy’s just a sour loser. But maybe Yotsuba will let him win once in a while…

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 63: Yotsuba & Playtime (よつばとあそぶ "Yotsuba to Asobu")
  • Chapter 64: Yotsuba & Pancakes (よつばとホットケーキ "Yotsuba to Hottokēki")
  • Chapter 65: Yotsuba & Jumbo (よつばとジャンボ "Yotsuba to Janbo")
  • Chapter 66: Yotsuba & the Electronics Store (よつばとでんきや "Yotsuba to Denkiya")
  • Chapter 67: Yotsuba & Home Appliances (よつばとかでん "Yotsuba to Kaden")
  • Chapter 68: Yotsuba & Lies (よつばとうそ "Yotsuba to Uso")
  • Chapter 69: Yotsuba & the Re-encounter (よつばと再会 "Yotsuba to Saikai")


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