Goddess of the Glass #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Takeshobo that was released on 06/16/2007

Plot Summary


Chapter 1: Fate Drifts on the Wind Pg. 5

Keita helps fix the heels for a girl before heading off to class. Later, Keita finds his lab report flying away from and stuck in a tree. He fears failing his class, and then, Honoka retrieves it with her badminton skills. Smitten by Honoka's beauty, Keita asks Honoka out to dinner as a thank you reward. After dinner, the two fall asleep on the train. They find themselves stranded, so they head to a love hotel to spend the night. when the two share an intimate conversation, Keita and Honoka begin having sex. The next day, they go off their separate ways.

Chapter 2: Reunion Pg. 27

Keita still has day dreams about Honoka and their special night, and in the train, he bumps into Aya, the girl whom he fix her heels. Aya invites Keita for a drink at her house. When Aya falls on Keita, she asks Keita that they should date each other. Somehow, Aya takes charge and opens Keita's fly. After she give Keita oral sex, the two engage in sex.

Chapter 3: Declaration Pg. 47

After their intercourse, Aya takes Keita to a place where they can study since Aya needs Keita's help. On the way, they meet Honoka, and Aya greets Honoka. Keita learns the two are friends, and when Aya announce that Keita is her boyfriend, Keita fears the worse. Yet, Honoka pretends to not know him. Keita and Honoka pretend to not know each other throughout the night, but when they make a mistake, they are save due to Aya's scatter brain nature. Before they leave, Honoka tells Keita to take care of Aya. Keita cries a bit, and Aya takes Keita away.

Chapter 4: Date Pg. 69

At a bookstore, Keita runs into Honoka, and the two go shopping afterwards. Over there, Honoka gives Keita a gift for Aya, Henti chocolate truffles. Honoka bids Keita farewell and thanks Keita for keeping her company. Keita still feels bad, and as he goes over to Aya's home, Aya greets him in an apron. Though, Aya forces herself on Keita and makes love to him after receiving Honoka's chocolate gift. Meanwhile, Honoka cooks something while thinking about Keita's favorite food, chestnuts.

Chapter 5: Memory Pg. 89

Aya informs Keita that she is leaving with her family for a little vacation. Before she leaves, she takes a bath with Keita where she washes Keita's back. Though, the two begin feeling aroused which leads to them having sex. Later on, Aya calls Keita to deliver medicine to Honoka who is sick with a cold. At Honoka's home, Keita stays by Honoka's side, and during their conversation, he sees Honoka's junior high photo. When Honoka and Keita about to kiss, Aya bursts in the house. The two play it safe as Aya takes care of Honoka.

Chapter 6: First Dinner Pg. 111

On a school day, Keita works on his lab report, and he still remembers that night that he had sex with Honoka. He wonders if that night meant something to Honoka. He spots Honoka outside, and he greets her with Aya appearing at the scene moments later. After Honoka leaves, Aya remarks that Honoka is not herself since Aya knows Honoka well enough to understand her body language. Then, Aya asks Honoka to let her help Honoka by cooking dinner. After shopping for a bit, Aya trips and sprains her ankle. This makes Honoka prepare dinner, and Aya falls asleep on Keita's lap.

Chapter 7: Impatience Pg. 133

Honoka asks Keita if he wants to go see a movie with her since Honoka had some extra tickets from work. Keita makes sure his little date did not conflict with his other date with Aya. After a good day, Keita and Honoka drink tea, and when Aya calls Honoka, Honoka mentions she is drinking with a friend. Keita feels lucky that he was saved. Back at Aya's home, Aya shows off her sexy lingerie, and Keita and Aya have sex moments later.

Chapter 8: Workman K Pg. 153

When Toudou notices his friend Keita needs a job, he has Keita help a young, beautiful woman move stuff into her new home. After a hard day's of work, Aya makes a move on Keita who is tired to move. She takes charge during their sex. At school, Honoka gives Keita some chocolate cookies that she baked.

Chapter 9: Love, Young Lady Pg. 173

Aya notices Keita is stressed out, so she strips her and Keita's clothes off. She tells Keita to relax once in a while after she gets Keita to make love to her. Though, Keita has to leave Aya for a lab class. Next day, Aya and Honoka play badminton, and Aya chats with her about Keita who is often busy. Aya asks Honoka if she has someone she likes. Honoka freaks out a bit, and she replies that she has someone in mind. Yet, she states it's a love that cannot come true. Then, someone's report flies towards Honoka. It turns out it is Keita. After Honoka hands Keita's report, he asks the two about their badminton game.


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