Trigun #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Dark Horse that was released on

Plot Summary

Action, comedy, science fiction, and western gunslinger action congregate within these pages. Created by Yashurio Nightow, this compound of genre-bending ingredients has turned the Trigunanime into a wildly popular series, and finally, the long-awaited manga comes to America.

Somehow, the past has placed a sixty billion double dollar bounty on Vash's head and the gunslinging pacifist can't seem to get away from money grubbing, itchy-trigger-finger citizenry. Find out why Vash is worth so much money dead! Feel the clumsy worry of the unfortunate citizens of the pulverous planet! Follow the follies of an unlikely hero in a forbidding world! Join Vash the Stampede -- with his troubled past and uncanny ability to dodge a gazillion bullets -- and a cavalcade of unlucky characters on a dusty, desert planet in the distant future.


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Yasuhiro Nightow artist, cover, writer,


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