Cross and Crime #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book that was released on 05/24/2010

Plot Summary

A story about two guys and one girl, Norikazu (newspaper writer), Keito (famous singer), and Yuuka (Norikazu's girlfriend). Norikazu gets to interview Keito a bit while Yuuka is left alone. The netorare part comes in when Keito distracts Norikazu a bit while his band members rape Yuuka.


Chapter 1 Pg. 3

Chapter 2 Pg. 31

Chapter 3 Pg. 55

Chapter 4 Pg. 75

Chapter 5 Pg. 97

Chapter 6 Pg. 117

Chapter 7 Pg. 137

Chapter 8 Pg. 157

Chapter 9 Pg. 179


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