Sora no Otoshimono #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Kadokawa Shoten that was released on 09/26/2007

Plot Summary

The Sora no Otoshimono manga series was first created by Minazuki Suu for publication starting in 2007 and continued until 2014, when the 20th and final volume was published. In addition to writing the story, Minazuki also does all of the illustrations for each of the manga volumes published so far.

Sora no Otoshimono - Vol. 1

Sora no Otoshimono: Volume One was first released for sale on September 26th, 2007 and was published by the Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Corporation. Two years later, the manga series was selected to have a anime show produced by AIC Studios in time for the Fall 2009 Anime Season.


Chapter One: Fallen

Chapter Two: Conquer

Chapter Three: Soar

Chapter Four: Sink

[Extra Chapter] The First Errand (Special Ikaros-focused Chapter)

Summary (Chapters One through 4.5)

Chapter One: Fallen

Sora no Otoshimono begins with the main character Tomoki Sakurai finding himself in a strange dream, in which he is sitting on a large grassy hill by the ocean as a stiff breeze swirls past. Sitting next to him is a mysterious girl, wearing only a simple white outfit as he reaches out to hold one of her pale hands. For reasons he can not explain, he harbors strong feelings for this mysterious girl, and deep inside he somehow knows that she kind of loves him as well. But before he knows it, she is suddenly ripped away from him by a unseen force and disappears high into the sky, leaving the heartbroken and confused Tomoki sitting alone by himself on the grassy hill by the sea. This is when the odd dream ends and Tomoki finds himself waking up, confused as to what these strange dreams that he constantly has could possibly mean, but he never can quite figure out why.

It is the dawn of another beautiful morning in the small town of Sorami, and today is the day in which Tomoki and his childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki are supposed to travel to Sorami High, their current school together. Unfortunately, Tomoki is still sound asleep when it comes time for them to depart, causing the worried Sohara to enter his house and head upstairs into his modest bedroom to wake him from his slumber. She begins to gently shake him, telling him to wake up or that they will be late for their classes, but when that fails to wake the slumbering Tomoki in a timely fashion, Sohara grabs ahold of his blanket and with a mighty tug, pulls it off of his body. Jolted awake by the blanket being ripped away from his body, Tomoki quickly sits up, asking her if something is wrong due to her being in his room trying to wake him up, but stops when he sees that she is staring down at his lower half with a odd expression on her face. Looking down, he realizes that he has a bad case of the "morning wood", and tries to pass it off as nothing major by saying "To be upright in the morning means something good is bound to happen today, Sohara-san". Unfortunately for him, Sohara has already become enraged by his perverted behavior and raises her hand, delivering a brutal karate chop directly to his face as she punishes him for being such a pervert around her. Thus begins another painful day in the life of Tomoki Sakurai, and the two of them soon head off to school together so that they won't be too late for classes.

Walking down the road, Tomoki gingerly rubs at the painful mark on his face that Sohara's wicked chop made impact, tears running down his face as she chastises him over his actions, calling him an idiot and a "hentai" as they turn onto the street on which their school resides. Looking up, they notice that there is a rather large gathering of students at the front entrance to the school, and they decide to head over to see what all of the strange commotion is about. When they arrive, a panicing student rushes over and tells them that someone is about to jump off of the main building at Sorami High, and when they look up, they can see the lone figure of a man standing on the ledge, looking down upon the amassed crowd. Whispers among the crowd identify the lone man as Eishiro Sugata, the oddball leader of the New Continent Discovery Club at Sorami High who stands on the ledge scouting out the best possible route for his latest flying experiment. Satisfied with the current weather and wind conditions, Eishiro hooks himself to his small hang-glider and with a running start, proceeds to jump off of the building and into the heavens. The stunned onlookers watch in awe as he soars through the air high above them, watching his slow flight until he painfully crashes into a stand of trees a short distance from the school. The crowd disperses when the enraged principal of their school comes running out of the main building, ready to lay down the law upon the rule breaking Eishiro, who finds himself stuck on a branch high above the ground alongside his battered glider. Rubbing the sore spot on the back of his head that he has from hitting the tree, he ponders aloud as to why his flight did not work the way he hoped it would, blood oozing down from a nasty cut under his left eye as the chimes for classes to start sound.

With the day passing by uneventfully in class, Tomoki begins to space out in class, much to the worry of Sohara, who sits in the row of seats next to him and knows that whenever Tomoki spaces out, he eventually falls sound asleep. Concerned, she whispers for him to wake up several times, but her words fall upon deaf ears as Tomoki lays his head down on his arms and proceeds to fall soundly asleep. As soon as his eyes close, he once again finds himself in the same dream that he has experienced every time he goes to sleep, laying down on the side of the same grassy hill in which he usually sits upon. Sitting up, he looks around at the beautiful landscape around him, trying to see if the mysterious girl is around his current location as a dark shadow begins to move across the area on which he sits. Noticing the dark shadow and the sudden gusting of the wind around him, Tomoki looks up and sees the girl who appears in his dreams flying above him in the sky, a pair of brilliant white wings keeping her aloft as he stares at her in confusion. Looking down upon him, she opens her mouth and cries "Save me...the sky...has captured me....THE SKY HAS CAPTURED ME, Tomo-chan!" out to him, mere moments before the unseen force once again rips her away from him high into the sky, white feathers raining down upon him as the vivid dream concludes. A frustrated Sohara, who has been trying desperately to wake Tomoki before their next class starts in several minutes, finally succeeds in getting him to stir from his deep sleep and begins to scold him over falling asleep in class. Slowly, he raises his head to look up at her, asking if something is wrong, but stops when he notices her looking away from him, concern upon her face as she asks him "Tomo-chan...were you having that dream again?". Tomoki then realizes that he is crying as a result of the vivid dream that he just experienced, and hurriedly tries to wipe away the tears as she debates if it would be better for him to go to the hospital to be checked out.

Getting irritated with her suggesting that he should go to the hospital over the dreams he is always having, Tomoki begins to argue with her, and after a few exchanges of words, Sohara concludes that perhaps they should go to Sugata-senpai and consult him over his reoccurring dreams. This idea mortifies Tomoki, who does not want to have anything to do with the oddball of a person that is the eccentric Eishiro Sugata, but before he can protest, Sohara tells him that it is settled and that they should go look for him right away. Fed up with her, Tomoki finally snaps on her, shouting at her that he does not want wish to associate with someone who "never realizes his mistakes and only causes problems". Disappointed with his negative response, Sohara slowly raises her right hand into the air, preparing to give the hapless Tomoki a wicked chop if he continues to refuse her suggestion of visiting Eishiro, and the sight of her raised hand sends Tomoki into a cold panic, his mind remembering the sting from the brutal chop that she smacked him with several hours ago. Facing a painful chop if he refuses to go along with her suggestion, Tomoki reluctantly agrees to consult Eishiro about his reoccurring dreams, and they both head off in search of the leader of the New Continent Discovery Club. They come across the preoccupied Eishiro in his small, cramped club homeroom, playing with one of his Sailor Moon figures as Sohara begins to describe the odd dreams that are constantly bothering Tomoki whenever he sleeps to him. Intrigued about these "mysterious" dreams that Tomoki seems to be having, Eishiro begins lecturing about how dreams work to the two of them and before long, he has begun applying one of his unusual "theories" to the dreams Tomoki is having. Certain that his dreams are linked to this particular theory of his, Eishiro beckons them over to his laptop on the table as he pulls up a certain program that he uses to "test" his various theories with. He shows them a 3D model of the planet, and points out a large, black orb of "disturbance" that seems to be orbiting around the atmosphere of the Earth, and is currently making its way over parts of Japan. Turning to Tomoki, Eishiro tells him that this orb and his dreams are somehow linked to each other, and concludes that they must be related to the "new continent" within the orb that he has been trying to study about for some time now.

Blown away by Eishiro's theory and thoughts regarding his dreams, Tomoki decides that being around this man any longer will result in his peaceful life being ruined forever, thus concluding that it would be a great time to get as far away from him as he can. Before he can even fully turn around and head out the door, Eishiro grabs him firmly on the shoulder and tells him that the "new continent" will be passing over the town of Sorami at midnight tonight, and asks Tomoki if he will accompany him tonight, much to the horror of the panicing Tomoki. Looking him dead in the eyes, Eishiro says "Trust me...I will definitely find out about that dream of yours", staring intently at Tomoki as he begins to freak out over getting involved with this crazed individual. Before he can properly respond, Sohara gladly accepts Eishiro's offer for him and asks if she could also attend the gathering tonight, to which Eishiro gladly agrees to. She hands over both Tomoki's and her own contact information, and promptly departs the room, leaving the panicing Tomoki standing alone in a state of confusion and horror as he visualizes his peaceful life being "crushed" from being involved with Sugata and this midnight gathering.

Tomoki finds himself sitting alone on the hill by the Sakura tree, gazing up high into the heavens as the midnight hour draws near. But in the hours before their meeting under the tree on the hill, several complications that threaten to derail their plans arise. Due to her mother's disapproval, Sohara apologizes to Tomoki about how her mother does not allow for her to go out so late at night, effectively ending her participation in the upcoming meeting. In addition, Eishiro gets caught in the clutches of the enraged principal, who is still mad about the glider stunt that he had pulled earlier in the day. While the principal grapples with him, the beleaguered Eishiro calls Tomoki to inform him about his current situation, citing that he might not be able to make it to their meeting point later that night. Getting irritated by the fact that it is almost midnight and that he is the only one to show up for the viewing of the "new continent" orbiting overhead, Tomoki decides that it is high time that he leaves and goes back home, but stops when he remembers what Eishiro told him earlier in the day. Taking out his cellphone, Tomoki observes the arrival of the midnight deadline and watches the sky intently for several minutes, but grows more frustrated when nothing appears to happen in the skies above. Suddenly, his cellphone's ringer goes off loudly, sending him into a minor freakout as he fumbles with his cellphone in his attempt to answer it. On the line is Eishiro, who is currently racing towards the meeting point on his bicycle as fast as he can while he tells Tomoki that dealing with the principal took longer than he would have liked. Before Tomoki can vent his frustrations upon Eishiro for being late, Eishiro tells him to get away from his current location immediately, since the orb of disturbance has come to a mysterious stop over the hill that Tomoki is currently at, according to his most recent data collecting. As Tomoki listens to the urgent words of Eishiro, the rest of the call is interrupted by odd static that disrupts the reception, with only the following words making it to Tomoki: "Hole...Normal moving...Sudden stop...Above...Your...".

Looking up at the skies, Tomoki is stunned to see a massive black orb orbiting directly above where he is sitting on the hill, it's blackened mass blocking out the stars as the connection to Eishiro dies out. Up in the skies, a odd light begins to shine overhead, and before Tomoki knows it, a massive beam of energy shoots from the side of the orb and smashes into the ground mere inches from where he was sitting. As the beam slams into the ground, Tomoki dives away from the scene, his body launched into the air from the force of the explosion of dirt and derbies behind him. Dazed from the explosion and his hard landing, Tomoki lays on the ground for several seconds, trying to come to grips as to how he was almost killed by the beam of light blasting next to where he had been sitting. Gingerly, he crawls over to the edge of the crater created by the force of the beam's mighty impact, looking over the edge down towards the center of the impact zone. Laying in the middle of the crater is the battered body of a unconscious woman, smoke from the impact swirling around her as Tomoki simply stares at her in pure disbelief. Blown away by this stunning development, he freaks out, falling back to the ground in shock as he fumbles to put his racing thoughts in order. For several seconds, Tomoki tries to put the pieces of what just happened together, thinking to himself as to why a human has fallen from the sky next to him and how could this have happened, but stops when the smoke in the crater begins to disperse. For the first time, he notices that the mysterious girl below him a pair of large pink wings emerging from her back, which sends Tomoki into another minor freakout, since normal humans do no have wings.

Stunned, Tomoki stares down at the unconscious body lying in the crater, wonder if "it" was dead or alive, and if it was alive, why was it not harmed at all by the violent impact it made or from the explosion that followed? Convinced that getting involved in something like this would only bring him nothing but trouble and that it would be best for Eishiro to deal with this (since Eishiro is racing towards his location as fast as he can pedal his bike), Tomoki turns away and retreats from the edge of the crater, not wanting to become involved in these strange matters. With a earsplitting roar, the shattered remains of massive marble pillars begin slamming down into the ground around the horrified Tomoki, sending him dodging for cover as more fragments rain down towards the hill on which he stands. Frustrated by his progress being slowed down by the raining derbies falling from the orb above, Tomoki yells at the falling pillars, saying that he "still wants to go back to his peaceful life" as he dodges another pillar that just misses crushing him. Turning around to get away from the danger zone, Tomoki's eyes come to rest on the lifeless body of the winged girl laying in the crater, and is shocked to see that a large chunk from one of the marble pillars slammed down into the ground just mere inches from her head. For several seconds, he stares at her crumpled body, fighting with his thoughts as to what he should do now as more pillars slam down into the hillside around him, sending dirt and derbies flying high into the air. He begins to walk away from the scene, saying "Peace comes first...that's my motto!" to himself as he heads off in his latest attempt to escape from the hill. Behind him, more pillars slam down into the ground around him, and severe guilt begins to fill his psyche about how he is effectively allowing the girl to be smashed to death by the rubble falling from the skies. Giving up on his hopes of a normal, peaceful life, Tomoki finds himself turning back and sprinting towards the place where the girl lies, not wanting to be the one that caused her to die because he ignored her plight.

After several seconds of sprinting, he reaches the area where her body is sprawled on the ground and bends over to grab her arm, deciding that it is up to him to ensure that she is saved from the danger slamming down into the ground around them. To his surprise, she barely moves no matter how hard he pulls on her arm, for she is much heavier than he expected her to be when he first grabbed her. With a mighty tug, Tomoki mangages to get her body off of the ground just high enough so that he can prop her up on his right shoulder and carry her to safety. Just as he begins to stand up so that he can help carry her body out of the danger zone, a loud roaring sound from above catches his attention and he looks up to see what is the source of the noise. Tomoki is horrified to see that the noise is being caused by more pillars that are falling down from the orb towards them, and notices that one of the massive pillars is soaring towards their exact location on the hill, threatening to crush them upon impact. With no time to get out of it's path while he is carrying her and facing the fact that his life is about to come to a crushing end, Tomoki prepares for the sudden end of his life. Seconds before impact, the girl who he is carrying awakes, and in a vortex of pink feathers, blasts off high into the air and soars away from the danger below. Tomoki opens his eyes and is absolutely flabbergasted to see that he is now flying through the skies above the hill where just moments ago he was standing on. Turning his head around, Tomoki comes face to face with the girl he had been trying to save, her pink wings stretched out wide as she carries him out of the area of the falling derbies that continue to fall from the orb of disturbance high above Sorami. As they slowly begin to drift back down towards the ground, the girl opens her mouth and simply says "Imprinting" to him, leaving him confused as without warning, the chain that hangs down from the metal collar around her neck begins to grow. Watching it in a state of shocked disbelief, Tomoki watches it slowly snake down towards his right hand and before he knows it, it wraps snugly around his hand several times.

They land safely on the ground a short distance away from the hill where the ordeal from earlier had nearly killed the two of them, and before he can say anything, the winged girl before him bows her head to him. Finally finding the words to say, Tomoki looks down at the black chain wrapped around his hand and meekly asks her " this?". Raising her head, the girl looks at him and responds with "How do you do? I am your entertainment-purpose Angeloid, Type-Alpha Ikaros." Dumbstruck by what she means, Tomoki sits there in disbelief, his eyes transfixed upon the chain on his right hand as she continues with "With that, as long as it is something that pleases you, I will comply with any commands, my master". Thus marks the end of Tomoki's hopes of a "quiet, peaceful life" and begins his new life filled with wild mis-adventures.

Chapter Two: Conquer

Ikaros greets Tomoki, her master
Ikaros greets Tomoki, her master

Tomoki finds himself once again in the odd world that appears in his dreams, this time laying down on the grass as he tries to figure out what will happen to him this time. Sitting up, he surveys the sweeping landscape around him, looking for the same mysterious girl that always appears in his dreams before being taken away from him each and every time. When something in the sky blocks out the sun and covers him in light shade, he turns around and looks up into the air, seeing the familiar figure of the girl hovering above him. Instead of telling him the same exact phrase that she has always told him in every dream before this one, she instead tells him to "Treasure the angel...never, ever let go of her". When she finishes speaking to him, Tomoki awakens from his dream and finds himself back inside his cramped bedroom, laying down on his bed as from outside, Sohara yells to him that she will be leaving early since she has cleaning duty, and asks of him not to be late. His mind still preoccupied with the words that the girl spoke to him in his dream, Tomoki sits up and ponders for several seconds as to what her words could possibly mean. Much to his shock and surprise, a soft-spoken voice to his left addresses him with "Good morning, master.", causing him to look over to see who it is. Sitting on the ground next to him is the pink-winged girl that he had encountered late the previous evening, but it takes several seconds for him to realize just who it is. Tomoki then remembers the aftermath of being rescued by the girl, and how it all didn't make any sense.

A flashback shows a panicing Tomoki desperately trying to remove the mysterious chain that now was wrapped tightly around his hand, binding him to Ikaros. Eishiro arrives at the original meeting area several minutes after rushing over to see how things turned out, and comes across Tomoki laying on top of the winged girl, having just slipped and fallen over onto her as he struggles to remove the chain attached to his hand. Tomoki begins to panic as the smiling Eshiro discusses with him that it would be best for him to go back to his house, since he lives alone and no one would notice Ikaros being with him.


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