Triage X #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Yen Press that was released on 12/09/2009

Plot Summary

Yen Press Edition Release Date: October 24, 2012

Triage X Vol. 1

Mochizuki General Hospital boasts some of the most well-trained (and well-endowed) nurses in town. But though these ladies spend much of their day battling disease, their after-hours are spent fighting a very different sort of disease. Under the leadership of the hospital chairman, a handful of staff members and local teenagers form a group of mercenary assassins, targeting the "cancers" of society and excising those individuals before their wickedness spreads.

The city has been corrupted by crime and greed for far too long and has spread like a cancer and threatens to kill off the rest of civil society. When the police lack the will of the ability to cure this disease. A rouge vigilante group known as Black Label will exorcise the threat to peace with absolute surgical precision. Their latest member, Arashi Mikami, has yet to prove if he's ready, but with this first mission he takes he shows that he's more than ready for the world of criminal triage.


CASE: 1 Prescription From Hell.....Pg.

A buxom, lovely woman lays out in the sun wearing a tiny bikini and is enjoying the fine weather. A cross mark on her left breast can be noticed. Her name is Yuko and her sniper friend is Miki. She tells Yuko to stop playing around, and she laughs that Miki is always so serious. Yuko just wants to enjoy the sun while the boss isn't around. Miki fires back that the problem is in her brain and she knows a good medicine for that. Yuko contacts a young man a distance away wearing a covering motorcycle helmet. He acknowledges and says he's with Mikoto. Yuko then gives him the order that the mission is a black label.

Arashi and Mikoto move out
Arashi and Mikoto move out

The motorbike the young man is on bursts out from the back of an ambulance. Mikoto screams out for Arashi to punch it, and they speed up toward guarded iron gate. Up on the roof, Yuko tells Miki that they are 50 meters from the gate and to open fire. With two shots from a powerful antitank rifle, she blows two holes in the foundation that hold the gate. It crashes to the ground to allow Arashi and Mikoto to drive through. Yuko and Miki look forward to seeing how Arashi does since this is his first mission with them. Miki is confident since he was picked by Chairman Mochizuki. Yuko gets changed and tells her that they're suppose to be in Operating Room 3 at 1500 hours. Miki is shocked since she didn't know there were any surgeries today, and thought she had the afternoon off. Yuko casually says that it's a special case, and she'll be needing her anesthesiologist. Miki suspects that Yuko knew all along and that's why she was so relaxed earlier. Asking if it's alright to leave like this, Yuko tells her that she already given the orders to Hitsugi.

Standing outside in the compound, a masked nurse is standing outside the ambulance. She lifts two heavy machine guns and mows down a wave of enemies before her. Yuko compliments Hutsugi, and tells Miki that she can handle the surgical records too. Miki shouts that she hates her.

Inside the building, Arashi rides his bike through the house, and Mikoto kills any in their path. She tells him to head for the doorway at the end of the hall. He rides down the hall and swerves sharply, knocking Mikoto off. He leaves her behind as two thugs are approaching. She aims, fires, and kills them instantly. Inside the room is Hideo Aranami. He's a fat, bald man in a robe and a naked woman rushes to climb off the couch. Arashi aims and calls him a malignant tumor that needs to be removed. He says that his label color is black and no one can save him now. He loads a single round into a gun and tosses it to Hideo. Mikoto has arrives and screams at Arashi. Laughing, Hideo mocks Arashi and fires at his head. The bullet ricochets off Arashi's helmet. Arashi takes his own gun, says there is no cure for him. Level 0 Black. He aims, and fires into Hideo's head. Mikoto wants to know what he was trying just now but gets no answer. She gets the motorcycle up and tells him to get on the back.

As Mikoto and Arashi are racing out of the house, a massive explosion rips through the building and nearly knocks them over. Mikoto pulls up next to a truck and yells at Oriha for using too much explosives. With a shaking hand, she gives a thumbs up saying it was an En Bloc.

Inside Mochizuki General Hospital, Arashi removes his helmet and he's getting changed with Mikoto on the other side of the lockers. She tries to ask him again about what happened. She climbs to the top of the lockers to demand to know if he's even listening. She screams that falling off the bike is a big deal, and he can't keep screwing up. Arashi apologizes and says he was just busy thinking about what happened, but she's surprised he'd be thinking about it so much that he couldn't hear her. Giving up, she tells him to hurry since there is a meeting at 1800 hours.

Black Label Members
Black Label Members

Inside a giant room there is a bed with a medical cross symbol above it. In the bed is a man with medical equipment attached to him. He is Masamune Mochizuki, the chairman of the Mochizuki General hospital. Nearby is the director of the hospital, Fiona Ran Winchester. The meeting begins for the members of the Black Label. Oriha Nashida, Mikoto Kiba, Sayo Hitsugi, Miki Ysurugi, Yuko Saragi, and Arashi Mikami.

Some time later, Arashi leaves the hospital. He sits down at a bench, shaking in pain. Reaching for a bottle of pills, he swallows a small handful and has an angry look in his eyes.

CASE: 1 Prescription From Hell II - The Dragon in the Tempest.....Pg.

Many years ago when Arashi was a young boy, he was playing with his best friend Ryu Mochizuki. When he suggested they play super-heroes, Arashi didn't want to play the villain. Ryu thought hard and suggested they both be heroes. Back in modern time, Arashi sits in class at Mochizuki High School thinking about the past and covers a scar on his left wrist. He's brought out of his daydreams by his teacher, Sakurada Nao, seductively calling out. He snaps back to reality and apologizes for not listening. The teacher is frustrated at his ability to pay attention despite her being so attractive, and the class laughs. She asks him to get the handouts he needs for the days he's missed. She calls for the class representative, Hinako Kominato to get him the handouts, bu t she's too taken with Arashi to notice. Again the classroom bursts into laughter. It's after class that Hinako is running through the halls and runs into her classmate Yuu. He points Hinako to where Arashi went and to finally take this chance to tell him her feelings. Though she thinks he's too cool to ever want to date a girl such as herself.

Hinako finds Arashi and he's talking with the third-year student Mikoto Kiba. She can't hear the conversation and hides behind a tree to avoid being seen. She knows Mikoto as an idol of th school and she comes from a rich family. She's so intent on her thoughts she doesn't notice Arashi walk by and greet her. She apologizes but he tells her that he's just friends with Mikoto. She's happy at this news but also curious how they could know each other. He asks what she wanted and she gives him the handouts and her notes. He thanks her for always helping him out, and she asks if they can walk home together. He agrees since he was planning on eating there again anyways. Not far away, Mikoto watches in a huff as Arashi walks off with a happy Hinako. Her attention is suddenly caught by the horn of Miki Tsurugi's car next to her. Mikoto is surprised to see she's just heading into work, but she explains she's on the late shift. When she asks where Arashi is, Mikoto tells her that he's walking home with some cute girl. She says with an attitude that she doesn't like him and all, but Miki only smiles and coyly agrees.

At the Monte Carlo SS café, Hinako's father greets his daughter from behind the bar. She rushes upstairs, and Arashi takes a seat. Over the news on TV. they are talking about how the body of Hideo Aranami has been found. His company of Aranami Construction Industries has been rumored to of not followed government regulation of worker safety. The police investigation has come to a standstill due to the explosion and lack of evidence will make it difficult to find the perpetrators. Hinako's father comments how it makes him sick that people can just get away with somethign like that. Arashi sits at the bar with a quite but intense look. He gets a text message on his phone that says "Triage" and "Black Label". With a wicked grin he leaves. A little bit later, Hinako walks through the door in a maid outfit. She's depressed to learn that he already went home since something came up. Still, she's determined not to give up so easily, and her father suggests she wear that outfit even when Arashi isn't around.

In the shower rooms at Mochizuki General Hospital, Mikoto is finishing her shower and is frustrated why she's feeling so down. She bangs on the separator for Oriha to hurry up with her shower and turns to see Arashi. She screams and tosses things at him, demanding why he's there. She yells out asking why he's in the stall next to her, but he apologizes and tells her he has no ulterior motive. After a long silence, she once again asks him why he took such a crazy risk with Hideo yesterday. He tells her he doesn't understan, and she says not to play dumb. She cuts him off as he starts to talk about a conscious. She screams at him that if Hideo had a conscious that he wouldn't of been given a Black Label and asks if he's now questioning Dr. Mochizuki. They need loyalty to preserve the organization. Only she knows about what he pulled, but she wont say anything this time. If he can't the doctor and Fiona's triage then he's not right for the job.

Mikoto discovers Arashi's scarred body
Mikoto discovers Arashi's scarred body

Once she's finished, he calmly tells her that it was his own conscious he was talking about. She continues to yell at him that there is no point in worrying about that since the triage is absolute. They need to perform their missions and deliver their treatment. With a distant look he tells her they already did and the mission was successful. Pissed off by his removed attitude, she wraps herself in a towel and charges to the next stall to yell at him face to face. She's shocked to see his body. He's covered in massive scars. He glares at her and is surprised she didn't already hear about it from Dr. Mochizuki. He tells her that it was nine years ago in the terrorist bombing in Bioka. She had heard of that attack at the International Medical Conference and that Dr. Mochizuki only didn't get caught in it because of an operation he was performing elsewhere. When she asks if he was the only survivor, Arashi tells him there were two. It was him and his best friend Ryu Mochizuki, Dr. Mochizuki's own son. Arashi tried to shield Ryu and in the process his own body was severely damaged. He managed to protect Ryu's body but he still suffered a serious head injury. Dr. Mochizuki was among the triage doctors and put the black label on his own son, calling him brain dead due to the head trauma. He took his own son's body apart to save Arashi's life.

Arashi Mikami is alive because of Ryu Mochizuki
Arashi Mikami is alive because of Ryu Mochizuki

He thought he had saved his best friend, but instead was given Ryu's limbs and heart. He was allowed to live because of Dr. Mochizuki's triage. Mikoto's back is against the stall wall and she flinches as he slams his hand next to her. The towel around her body slips form her hands and falls to the floor. With intensity. he tells her that is why he will never betray the doctor, his dreams, or any of them. Though he's been feeling that at times he's not himself anymore. He feels as if someone else is inside and taking control. He was just trying to check that with Hideo since the man he is now was born through selection.

With the intense atmosphere fading, Mikoto agrees to trust him and hopes that he'll never try something such as that again. Still, she suddenly kicks him square in the jaw and screaming about how long he plans to stand around naked. They don't have time for this. Later, the members of Black Label get suited up and leave for their next mission.

CASE: 1 Prescription from Hell III - Hot Lead Judgement.....Pg.

Mikoto tells Arashi that he told her everything she needed to hear. She thinks she can trust him now, and they drive off on her motorbike. Elsewhere in an abandoned concrete plant, the son of Hideo Aranami, Taisei Aranami, listens to the music of Oriha. All while his men torture the Miss Fujino, the daughter of Mr. Fujino. She's tied to a reversed chair and blindfolded. Her father is tied behind his back feet away from her and a gag over his mouth. Taise is getting bored and he asks Masaki if they should do something more fun. He agrees and promises to mention anything that comes to mind. While his men strike a crop across her back, Teisei talks about how he will be inheriting his father's company and wealth. He asks Mr. Fujino how he thought he could get away with turning his father's ledger into the police. He only learned about it all because of Masaki. He's even sure that Mr. Fujino knows how killed his father, but laughs that he could hardly answer anything with his mouth taped shut. He's forced to listen as his daughter screams from being whipped repeatedly. Everyone's attention is draw when the door to the room suddenly opens. It's the police detective Isoroku Tatara. He apologizes for bursting in uninvited. Teisei greets him but is surprised since three of his friends were watching the door. Tatara mentions how they must have dozed off. Teisei asks what brings him to such a secluded place. He says he was in the area by chance and happened to hear a woman screaming. As a cop he felt a need to investigate. Teisei points to a nearby camera and says he's making a movie for his senior thesis. With his father dead he needs to finish college to take his place. Tatara claims to believe him about the movie but wants Teisei to come with him down tow to answer some questions. He says he wont fall for that old trick anymore and only says he'll send someone with him that has nothing to do.

Tatara tells him his mouth is smarter than his old man's, but Teisei shouts that his father was nothing compared to him. Masaki interrupts their argument and tells the officer how it was unwise of him to trespass onto private property and assault Teisei's men. He believes that Hideo was even killed by a special ops team of the police. Going so far to claim that it was even at Tatara's suggestion. He only laughs that he doesn't have such power and is surprised they don't know who the killers are either. Teisei yells at him to head home if he doesn't have a death wish. He tells the yong man to calm down because things would get bad if he never showed up again.

Outside the factory, Tatara's partner named Konomi Suzue looks at her watch. She knows he told her to call headquarters if he was gone for more than thirty minutes but is unsure what she'd say. She's starting to worry about her career and that she should of listened to people to avoid Tatara. Suddenly, a masked Oriha zooms behind her on her roller shoes. Suzue flinches and turns but sees nothing.

Back inside, Teisei doesn't care what Tatara has to say since now he's a head of his father's company. He tells him to go home and pretend he didn't see anything. Even if he was arrested he'd be out in no time thanks to Masaki. Tatara is now panicking and can't believe what a maniac this yous man is. Miss Fujino can only silently cry as Teisei asks why he should even care since he doesn't know these people. Shouting in joy, he says he'll do whatever he wants and not to ruin his fun. Without any warning, Mokoto and Arashi burst through the window on her motorbike. Everyone is shocked how they got up there since they are on the fourth floor. Outside the window, a cable is hanging out into the distance.

Arashi stands on the bike and aims at Teisei. He tells him that he is a malignant tumor and that his label is black. With a single gunshot he kills Teisei. His body falls at the feet of Masaki. Tatara shouts at them saying they have no idea what they just did. Mikoto recognizes the detective and Oriha appears from behind a ceiling tile. She hangs upside-down from the ceiling and fires gas into the room with a launcher. Mikoto looks to Arashi and tells him not to kills the detective no matter what. Masaki is now running and orders Teisei's men to kill them all. Arashi kills one with his fist and shoots another without hesitation. He aims at the shadow in the smoke but hesitates to fire when he sees Masaki has taken Mr. Fujino hostage. Tatara attacks Arashi, and Masaki murders Mr. Fujino while they are distracted and runs out.

Arashi swings his fist to Tatara, but only to pull him down to avoid the gunfire. He knocks him to the ground and tells him not to get in his way. He pulls his gun and Mikoto is really worried that he's going to kill the detective. He fires two shots, but she sees it was at the nearby thugs who were ready to attack in the smoke behind the Tatara. He's surprised to learn he was trying to help him, but shouts after Arashi as he runs off that he doesn't need help. Masaki is in a panic as he runs down the stairs. He shouts at the three men running up to not let anyone upstairs to get away. They run up but notice someone call out in a cute tone. Orihia stands at the top of the stairs, and she begins to sing about a silver nebula connecting them and if they will get a bang if they work their way up to her. Confused, they try and run up at her but the leader gets caught on the wires. She says she warned them and fades away before there is an explosion. The building shakes, and Tatara tries to escape with Miss Fujino.

Suzue calls over her radio for Tatara but isn't getting an answer. She thinks her career is over when Oriha comes rolling up to her and asks if he caught the four eyes guy (Misaki). When Suzue seems confused, Oriha is worried about him slipping through her perimeter. She changes the subject by asking if that is Suzue's car and she's proud to admit that it's her new car she just got. Oriha rolls off, Suzue calls after her, but she only says goodbye and sorry. Suzue's car explodes behind her and realizes why she apologized. Tatara arrives with Fujino and demands to know where her car is so they can give chase.

Mikoto rides away and talks about how the second target got away. She complains that if Oriha wasn't so dumb she could of caught him by now. She tells him that she's going to report it as something out of their control. She understands how hard it was with all that smoke and with the detective. Arashi apologizes, but she screams at him for not listening. She tells him that it wasn't his fault, he did what she said, and did pretty well on the mission. He's surprised at the compliment, and she says they are probably still going to be mad about Masaki getting away. In the underground pipes, Masaki is furious that Teisei had been killed just as he was going to get control. He's determined to get revenge.

CASE: 2 Surgical Strike I - A Judges Complications.....Pg.

Sayo Hitsugi walks into work in a sexy little outfit and changes into her nurse's clothes. On the TV, one of Oriha's music performances plays. Because some of the patients are getting too worked up, Sayo turns the TV off. They beg her to turn it back on, but she tells them they need to relax. She then noticed the sound of detective Tatara shouting at the nurse's desk. He needs to talk to Miss Fujino as a witness but for two days he keeps being told she's not allowed visitors. Suzue tries to calm him since they are in a hospital. Sayo dramatically leaps between Tatara and the detective. She pleads for him to stop. Cringing and crying, she says they are only nurses. She asks how he can abuse his powers as a detective in such a way. Suzue agrees and mocks him for making her cry. Now unnerved, he walks off, and an elderly lady tells him he should be ashamed of himself. Again, Suzue agrees that an adult should know better. The nurse Tatara was yelling thanks Sayo for saving her. Still, Sayo innocently cringes and says she was sure that man was going to to try and rape them. Though the nurse doubts that idea since he's a police man.

Tatara is storming out and still curse about the people in his way and the asshole in the iron mask. He says this as Arashi and a very nervous looking Mikoto pass. She's glad he didn't recolonize them and wonders what brought him here. Arashi points out that Miss Fujino was brought to this hospital. He asks if she knows him, and she says that he's an infamous detective in the Tobioka Police Force. He also has a connection to her family but last he saw her was when she was very young. He can tell that Tatara isn't an average detective, but comments his mask isn't iron but a poly-carbonate. He asks if Mikoto would want to borrow one of his own masks since covering her face would be a good idea. She imagines what that would look like if they all wore one of his masks. It's a scary image that has Oriha crying.

Inside Yuko Sagiri's examination room, Miss Fujino looks suddenly surprised as if she just noticed someone talking to her and doesn't know where she is. Yuko is asking if she's feeling alright. She tells her that the examination is done, and tells her the medicine she gave her tends to make people space out occasionally. As Fujino gets dressed, Yuko tells her that her injuries weren't too bad and she shouldn't even have a scar. After she's gone, Miki walks out from behind the curtains. She's disappointed they couldn't learn anything about Aranami's funds or accounting books. Yuko thinks they will just have to find Masaki. If Miki's special truth serum didn't get her to talk then she must not know anything. Yuko then gets a call about a guest.

The elderly lady from before is Mrs. Kimura, a former patient of Yuko. She came by to thank Yuko and now she's able to walk anywhere she wants. With an adoring tone, Yuko says she doesn't need thanks since all she did was help her live a little longer. Miki is shocked she would say something like that so boldly, and is frustrated how she became so popular talking like that. Arashi and Mikoto walk by and Mrs. Kimura comments about how Arashi looks like her passed husband. Mikoto warns her that hes really a socially awkward weirdo. Though, she's confused when Mrs. Kimura says what she thinks is weird is probably what makes him special. Yuko laughs and asks if he's going to just accept that insult. He knows that Mikoto is trying to mock him but she thinks she's right, as well. Yuko leans in and whispers that she will seem him in a bit.

Later in the hospital's mortuary, Arashi opens a secret door in the wall for Mikoto. He says they are going to be late for the meeting, but says it can't be helped since people were using the mortuary. They are the last to arrive to the meeting. Yuko compliments them on the two consecutive Black label missions they completed. there was a slip up but will leave Dr. Mochizuki to give the final call. Arashi is confident they did everything they could of done, and Yuko tells him that anything else wouldn't make failure acceptable. She explains that they are an illegal organization with no outside allies. Team Ampoule Zero will help from the sidelines, and she's confident that they can recover from this issue. Mikoto apologizes that she had no idea about the detective. Oriha is worried about this part. Miki mentions how the detective has noticed them and could become a threat if not handled soon. Dr. Mochizuki arrives and agrees that Mikami needs to be handled but knows that things don't always go as planned. He compliments Arashi and fully accepts him as an official member of Black Label. He teams him with Mikoto and Oriha. Yuko, Miki, and Sato are Team Ampoule Zero. His team will be known as Team Ampoule One. Mikoto's glad to see such an honest smile from Arashi and excited to have a three man team now. Oriha is busy trying to think of a nickname for Arashi. Sayo congratulates him and tells him "Don't Die!". Fiona tells him that he should be prepared, but to come to her if he ever needs special equipment or weapons.

Dr. Mochizuki is confident the city will be better off with the collapse of Aranami Construction Industries, but Jin Masaki is still a serious threat due to his connections in politics. He goes on to explain that he made the Black Label and is sure the world would see them as terrorists. Still they can not be distracted by that and allow crime to bring fear to society. They treat the city as a person, and like himself the city is being infected with a fatal disease. These viruses they call malignant tumors. He knows that not all threats need to be executed. That is why a personal element is needed for judgement. They had all been touched by death in some way but their will to live is what he is depending on from them. He ends the meeting and Oriha announces she's leaving for her nation-wide tour and asks if anyone wants any souvenirs.

Later one the roof, the doctor asks Fiona who Arashi is doing since his doses have been increasing. He asks her to look at him when she can. She asks if he's been looking at Arashi's records again and says his blood concentration is fine. She tells him he should be more worried about himself and let her take care of the others. Though, it's that side of him that she admires.

As soon as Miss Fujino is signed out of the hospital. She's grabbed by some man with his face covered. She's dragged into a car and Mrs. Kimura defiantly tries to block it. Despite her in the path, the driver named Yoroida smashes into her and escapes. He makes a call to Masaki to confirm he has Fujino but will also need more cash to fix the dent in his car. He'll be bringing her to him soon.

Back at the hospital, Yuko checks on the injured Mrs. Kimura. Miki calls for a stretcher, but it's too late. Yuko covers her body with her doctor's coat. Detective Tatara and Suzue are there investigating but can't reach Miss Fujino by her cell phone. An oddly calm Yuko walks by and calls out to Sayo. Arashi and Mikoto look on. Since this was Masaki's doing, she thinks if they had got him last night this wouldn't of happened. He's enraged and takes a handful of medication, swearing to kill Masaki for this.

CASE: 2 Surgical Strike II - Point Men.....Pg.

Arashi sits alone in his mission gear as he calmly examines shotgun shells. Mikoto walks by and asks what he's up to. He tells her that he needs to be ready for anything and wants to try a weapon with more stopping power. He's going to use a shotgun and is training himself to identify the different ammo by just weight. She tells him he should rest while Fiona works on finding Masaki and Miss Fujino, but she tells her that she's the one who should rest. He noticed that her finger were covered in grease and must of been messing with her motorcycle. Miki arrives to stop any argument and tells them to try and remain ready. It's Fiona's job to find any infected areas. She starts to say that they remind her of something but soon drops the topic. Inside a quiet dojo, Yuko sits on the floor with an intense glare.

In an abandoned building, Yoroida and his men have been trying to torture any information out of Miss Fujino. So much so that they start to question if she knows anything to begin with. Jin Masaki arrives and comments on how this is no way to treat a lady. He unties her from the chairs, takes her hand, and tells her that her father was a friend of his. He injects something into her arm, telling her it's a painkiller that should help. Now standing, he tells her it's time to tell her who the real enemy is. Some time later, Yoroida doesn't know what he did to her but it creeped him out. He asks what they will do with the girl and if she knows anything. Masaki doubts she knows anything. She sits alone in the dark with a dazed look and drooling. Still, he plans to keep her alive as long as they can to release her. That way when the police fin d her they will be so distracted by the good will they wont press the investigation. More so, he wants her to be bait for their real target. Yoroida has bought many guns and has hired a small army to use them. Masaki even plans to push all the guilt onto Moriyama from the Sawatari Gang. Yoroida is fine as long as he gets paid and asks if he'll have more work from him. Masaki says he does have a contact and he should enjoy the job far more than this one.

At the Tobioko Police Station, the cops are in heated discussion about the hit-and-run incident at the hospital. By eye witness' accounts the culprits are suppose to be in the western district among abandoned buildings owned by the Aranami Constriction Industries. Tatara and Suzue listen to the briefing on the evidence. The chief arrives to mention how people are asleep at this hour so it would be best to be discreet. Tatara's boss screams at the chief that the hostage takes priority. Everyone seems to be in disagreement about what tactics are needed. Some want special forces and some want to try and do it themselves. Frustrated, Tatara stands up and leaves with Suzue. She asks if he's going after Fujino, but tries to back out in favor of going back home and working on her Spirit Deck. He drags her along to drive saying they need action in times like these. That girl's wedding is the day after tomorrow. Suzue is surprised to hear this news and joins him.

In the secret portion of the Mochizuke Hospital, Fiona is deep into her investigation with Dr. Mochizuki. She's located the target and already found the best possible entry, but there's still something wrong. The tips the police have been getting were directly from Masaki's people. She believes he's out to challenge the Black label directly. She asks for his thoughts, and he asks about their weapons. By examine recent weapons activity, she very much doubts they had weapons near their own caliber. He says it just seems to be about numbers and asks what the police are doing. She says their fake tips have been effective at stalling them but Tatara and his partner are independent of the group. Mochizuki is worried about him since he sees him as a fine antibody he doesn't want to be harmed. He asks for their status, and Fiona says that all available members are ready to move. He gives the order to move out.

Suzue sit alone in her mother's car in the industrial area. She's pissed off that Tatara went off alone and told her only to call if somethign went wrong. She's a detective too. He's currently moving up the fire escape stairs and is spotted in Miki Tsurugi's sights. She admires his intuition of using the unguarded stairs. She calls over the radio that she has spotted Subject T (Tatara) and order Mikoto to follow him. She tells Yuko that she's moving out. Yuko confirms and is surrounded by a couple of Yoroida's goons. They think she's there for some costume part and can't get over the size of her breasts. They ask her to stay and play, but she says not to rush since the operation is about to begin soon. Back and Suzue's car, she's hinding behind it as she feels a deadly presence on the other side walking by. Sayo Hitsugi is there in her mask and carrying a minigun. When she finally is brave enough to look there is no one around. The feeling she had was different than the little imp she met before. Worried, she runs off to find Tatara to warn him.

IN the building, Tatara stealthly knocks out a goon but leaves him where he falls. When he leaves, Mikoto moves the guy since leaving him out in the open like that will cause trouble. She's pissed and wonders if she'll be stuck all night cleaning up his messes. Tatara soon opens a door and find Miss Fujino alive and well. He rushes to check on her, but she stabs him with a knife. With a crazed look on her eyes, she says he's the one who killed her father. Mikoto rushes in to help Tatara and Fujino runs off. While she's distracted about what to do about the injured detective. Suzue arrives and aims at Mikoto. She shouts of her to drop her weapons and put her hands in the air. Elsewhere, Arashi is given the On Call order.

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