Slut Girl #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Eros Comix that was released on 02/15/1999

Plot Summary

Slut Girl Vol. 1

Slut Girl - スラッと女 (Suratto Onna)


Ch. 1: Sayoko Walks Out.....Pg. 7

Sayoko Leaves Work - 小夜子 退社する (Sayoko Taisha-suru)

Sayoko is bored out of her mind. It's tough playing games on the computer while listening to her boss bone a cheap slut day after day. No wonder she doesn't take her secretary job seriously. Even so, she ends up doing all the sap's work because he only has the position because he is the Chairman's son. She passes the time by annoying the shamelss Michi Higo each time she leaves. The next day, not satisfied with Ms. Higo, the boss forces himself upon Sayoko. Things get out of control when Ms. Higo barges in and attacks but Sayoko isn't about to be had. She trains the webcam on the two and bolts. The two having sex was streamed to the entire company as a result and Sayoko got the last laugh. Another good-paying job Sayoko quit..

Ch. 2: Sayoko Puts Out.....Pg. 24

Sayoko Rolls In - 小夜子 転がり込む (Sayoko Korogarikomu)

Satoru Ichi, a hapless country bumpkin who just moved into the city of Tokyo. As any young man new to the city, he gathers callgirl fliers in search of loosing his virginity.

Satoru finally gets confirmation that a girl was on her way to his apartment. He can't contain his excitement: fretting over a real girl coming, the possibility of a scam, and the overzealous need to beat off..multiple times. A woman shows up. It's none other than the knock-out Sayoko Bizen! Satoru freaks out and almost sends her away but insists she come in. Amidst acting like a silly virgin, Satoru gets hooked up with a biofeedback contraption. Despite feeling relaxed, Satoru is dismayed to find the whole thing a scam and certainly like the attention he expected. He sobs and pleas only for Sayoko to give in. In the hopes of lightening her "karmic load", Sayoko drops her pants. Satoru gets his first blowjob only to be followed by Sayoko riding him until the sun came up. Literally! Sayoko's now out another job and decides to crash with Satoru as she has nowhere else to go.

Ch. 3: Sayoko On Her Knees.....Pg. 39

Sayoko's Pestering - 小夜子のおねだり (Sayoko no Onedari)

Ch. 4: Sayoko Pulls Out the Stops.....Pg. 45

Sayoko's Hospitality - 小夜子のもてなし (Sayoko no Motenashi)

Ch. 5: A Pain in the Ass for Sayoko.....Pg. 64

Sayoko in Agony - 小夜子 悶絶 (Sayoko Monsetsu)

Ch. 6: Tosa vs. Bizen, Round One.....Pg. 79

Sayoko's Absense - 小夜子 お休み (Sayoko Oyasumi)

Ch. 7: Tosa vs. Bizen, Round Two.....Pg. 93

Ch. 8: Sayoko Comes...Back.....Pg. 99

Sayoko Comes Back - 小夜子 戻る (Sayoko Modoru)

Ch. 9: Sayoko Goes Shopping.....Pg. 120

Sayoko Shopping - 小夜子 買い物 (Sayoko Kaimono)

Ch. 10: Sayoko the Detective.....Pg. 134

Sayoko Exploration - 小夜子 探究 (Sayoko Tankyuu)

Ch. 11: Sayoko Goes For Broke.....Pg. 150

Sayoko Resolved - 小夜子 一念発起 (Sayoko Ichinenhokki)

Ch. 12: Sayoko Laughs Last.....Pg. 166

Sayoko's Smile - 小夜子の微笑み (Sayoko Hooemi)


  • In the original Japanese publication. Chapters 1 & 2 were originally reversed in order, and only contained 11 chapters.
  • For the English publication, Chapter 6 was split into two different chapters.


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