Ghost Sweeper Mikami #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on

Plot Summary

Reiko Mikami is the worlds most powerful  ghost sweeper. She is also selfish , greedy,  cruel, and beautiful. Which is why Tadao Yokoshima chooses to work for her. despite his pitiful salary of 250 yen per hour. 
After a successful exorcism Mikami ghost sweeper  and co. head to a hot spring to take on a ghost that haunts the mountain. Its here that they meet  Kinu  Himuro the ghost of a shrine maiden that became a human sacrifice to seal the evil buried in the mountain. After talking to her aand finding a substitute guardian for the mountain. Reiko hires Kinu as her secretary. 
Theres a haunting at Dokozono girls academy. a simple job for mikami if it weren't  for Yokoshima  harassing the students . Will she be able to finish the job and prevent Yokoshima from committing a crime. 
The ghost of a pair of failed bank robbers haunt the bank they failed to rob. Its up to Mikami and co. to help them move on. How do you help them attain enlightenment? By helping them successfully rob the bank they haunt.  
A satellite has malfunctioned and the cause is super natural. While Mikami  keeps Yokoshimas in astral form. Its up to him and kinu to find out  what went wrong. 
Doll are being possessed and are living their owners behind. Who is possessing these dolls and what does it have to do with Mikamis childhood?


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Takashi Shiina writer,


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