Dr. Slump #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 08/09/1980

Plot Summary

Viz Edition Release Date: May 10, 2005

Penguin Village's goofy scientist, Senbei Norimaki finishes created the first successful humanoid Android named Arale. Arale turns out to be a very strange girl and Senbei must kept the people of Penguin Village from knowing she is an android so his experiment becomes a sucess.


1. The Birth of Arale - Senbei Norimaki, Penguin Village's wacky scientist known by his nickname "Dr. Slump" finishes his invention of the perfect android girl in the laboratory in his house but she has the flaw of having a weird personality and is nearsighted and has to wear glasses. As Senbei has to get clothing for her, he goes to the town's department store to get them all but he cross dresses in a school girl uniform in order to buy the panties as he doesn't want to look like a pervert buying little girl undies. Afterwards he finally tests his invention and takes the girl out through town to see if nobody can tell if she is an android. When he takes her to the local cafe known as the Coffee Pot run by Aoi Kimidori, Senbei introduces the robot girl as his 13 year old sister and gives her the name Arale Norimaki. When they leave, Arale runs into the street and a car hits her but everyone is then surprised by Arale's power when they see that she is not hurt but the car was the one damaged.

2. Here Comes Arale!

3. Something's Missing!

4. Dr. Monster

5. Which Will It Be?

6. Bearly Friends!

7. Arale Is Akane!?

8. The Big-Small Gun!

9. 1980: Living For Tomorrow!

10.The Time Slipper

11.The Mysterious Egg

12.Is It A Girl? Is It A Boy?!

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