.hack//Legend of the Twilight #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 09/09/2003

Plot Summary

Twins Rena and Shugo have won a contest on the massive hit online role playing game called The World. Their prize? Avatars of the legendary dothackers Kite and Black Rose. As they delve into the deep and complicated game, they will discover that there is more to the World that thirteen year old trolls and quests that span into the late hours of the morning.

Login 01-The Legendary .hackers

After getting a brief prologue foreshadowing future events of the manga, we open up to our two main character Shugo and Rena, who are twins and logging into the hit online game The World. Rena, claiming she has won rare character avatars, implores her brother to play with her despite the fact that he got outof games. He reluctantly agrees and is given the avatar of Kite from the original video games. Shugo looks around for his sister to find that she is in the revealing outfit of Blackrose. Shugo has no idea what is so special about the avatars as Rena explains how the .hackers supposedly solved the final mystery of The World, hinting at the adventures from the video games. After getting some attention due to their character designs, the two venture off to a monster field to test out how the game works and do some generic leveling up. After losing pathetically, Shugo wants to quit but Rena insists that they play some more. Shugo relents and run into a much higher level monster and begin to run. The monster is abotu to attack Rena, but Shugo pushes her out of the way and subsequently dies. After appearing in an odd plane of water, a mysterious white cloaked girl descends from the heavens. she tells Shugo that it is up to him to carry on the legacy of the dot hackers and revives him, giving him a kiss in the process.

Login 2- Kite's Bracelet

As Shugo gets up from his near-death state, Aura gives him the legendary Twilight Bracelet that was used by Kite beforehe stopped playing the game. Shugo awakens back in the field as he has the time to properly examine the bracelet. Snapping back to reality, he realies that Rena may still be in danger and goes to look for her. Not going far, he discovers Rena in the arms of Balmung of the Azure Sky, having come to her rescue. Rena being ennamared by Balmung, Shugo warns him of the high level monster that is coming right for them. Balmung fights it but due to it being a bug monster, it doesn't go down easily. Balumng sees that Shugo has Kite's bracelet and calls for him to use it. Shugo is unaware of how to use it but for some reason, it activates itself and performs a Data Drain on the monster, making it weaker and managable. But before Shugo can ask Balmung how he knew about the bracelet, he has disappeared. The monster is hit by a lightning spell by a mage called Mireille, using the avatar of Mistral. Taking on from her mother, Mireille has become an item hunter and clamors over the duos rare avatars and Shugo's rare bracelet (similar to how Mistral was attracted to Kite). Mireille asks to join the two, claiming she can help them level up as they agree. Balmung, in the distance, thinks about how Kite's bracelet has returned, which means Aura has also returned to The World.

Login 3- Midnight in the Garden

Balmung is reporting to the System Administrators what happened in the player field, revealing that he is also a System Administrator as well. Balmung reports that Aura has returned to which this concerns the game management since the memories of the events of the game are fresh in their minds. Even though Balmung assures them all that nothing is wrong, they demand he take actions to elminate the threat, to which he doesn't care as he has an important user event to start up. Back at Mireille's base of operation, the three consider what has happened as Mireille admires the avatars, proclaiming that if the dot hackers have returned that must mean there are still mysteries in the game. Their conversationis cut short as Balmung posts the event he was referring to, claiming that there is a special rare item as a reward for the winners of the contest. Mireille is istantly attracted to it and brings the two others along to a massive field of vegetables. After some searching, they realize that the treasure is in one of the vegetables on the field and remember that the clue mentioned a gourd and find a pumpkin. The pumpkin turns into a monster that the group prepares to fight. Shugo tries to replicate the bracelet phenominon but ultimately fails as the pumpkin places charm on Rena, which causes him to destory the monster. The group finds out that the rare item was a set of cosplay outfits.

Login 4- Cherry Blossom Mayhem

Mireille drags the group to a rare map that is holding a Cherry Blossom Festival. Shugo is unphased by the idea of a fake festival until a gust of wind reveals some other girls panties, changing his demeanor automatically. Mireille sits the two down in a spot before going to check out the shops in the area. Rena berates Shugo for not enjoying the game until a wolf comes to the group's picnic area. Shugo is immediately taken away by the canine and Rena relents to how cute the character is as they play with her. The scene then cuts to Balmung and his assistant Reki, who berates him for slacking off and pretending to act intoxicated at the festival. The twins are still playing with the wolf as Shugo gives her a collar Mireille had 8given him. Rena monolouges about her feeling for her brother as the wolf indicates that it wants them to dig somewhere. Shugo doing as he is told finds a pile of bones as the wolf takes one, several skeleton soldiers popping out. R8eki realizes that Blumg planned this event as Shugo dodges attacks from the skeletons. A girl calls for him to duck, thinking it was Rena. It turns out that the wolf is actually a character that goes by Ouka, who is a werewolf class and makes quick work of the monsters. When Mireille comes back, she and Ouka rejoice for seeing each other, pointing out they are old friends. However, Rena gets upset as she realizes how Shugo was petting and fondling Ouka, banning him from petting her.

Login 5- Get Well Grunty

As Rena and Shugo are waiting for Ouka and Mireille to show up, a young girl approaches them holding an ill grunty. She introduces herself as Hotaru from the American servers and asks the two to help her gruntythat she found in an alley. The grunty is sick and is clueless on what to do as another player calling himself Komiyan the Third passes by, claiming he is an expert on grunties and can help the creature. However, he passes it up saying that the Grunty will die in a few hours as Rena and Shugo realize that Komiyan is actually a classmate of theirs, Komiyama. As the three know who they are, Shugo beats up Komuyan, calling him a pervert for starrign at his sister. Rena is not pleased with this and logs off as Shugo takes it upon himself to acquire the item necessary to heal the sick grunty called a Phoenix Down. Finding a shop with the item, they find out it is too expensive and are told by the merchant that a high level monster drops the item when defeated. It turns out that the merchant was Reki, who was fed the information by Balmung. The two arrive to the area and encounter highlevel monsters. As Shugo prepares to fight, Hotaru takes a more pacifist approach as she talks to the monster to make it stop attacking. This doesn't work as Shugo flees with Hotaru until they run into the Cereberus monster that has the Phoenix Down. Hotaru tries to talk to the monster again as Shugo interupts and fights the mosnter. Back in town, Ouka, Reki, and Mireille comment on how it was dumb for Shugo to go off by himself, surprised to see him battered and having the item needed to cure the grunty. The group, including Rena, commend Shugo for his bravery despite the fact he used Data Drain to weaken the monster severly.

Login 6- Starlight Special

A special event is occuring in The World in the shape of a Tanabata festival with the characters in special kimonos that Mireille provided for them. As Shugo wonders what to wish for as per the tradition of the Tanabata festival, another event starts up where a girl is picked to be the princess of the festival and Rena is choosen to fulfill the position. The prince title goes to the player who can race across a vast expanse of ocean and reaches Rena first. Shugo is determined tosave his sister as he and the other racers compete with each other. The race is interupted by a shark which Mireille and Ouka attack as it is a good fight and may hold rare items. Komiyan soon surpasses Shugo, who uses his bracelet on him, turning Komiyan into a fish like character. Rena holds faith that her brother will save her as Reki ponders if Rena was actually choosen randomly or not. As the race progresses, the shark monster returns and Balumng quickly defeats it, the two warriros fighting for the finish. Even though Shugo finishes first, Balumg is a close second and Rena is more infatuated with him that remembering her brother was there. as the event draws to a close, Shugo realizes that he should wish to become a better hero, his sister wishing for the same thing.


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