Absolute Boyfriend #1 - Volume #1

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 02/07/2006

Plot Summary

Rejected way too many times by good-looking (and unattainable) guys, shy Riiko Izawa goes online and signs up for a free trial of a mysterious Nightly Lover "figure." The very next day, a cute naked guy is delivered to her door, and he wants to be her boyfriend!

Has Riiko died and gone to heaven? The cute guy turns out to be sweet, smart, a great cook, and lots more. And he looks like a million bucks, which is what he's going to cost Riiko if she doesn't return him in time...

Riiko Izawa is a young shy girl who is severely sad. She can't seem to get a guy to save her life, partially because of her taste. She goes after handsome unattainable and usually taken guys who flatly reject her earnest attempts at romance. Tired of being rejected, Riiko goes online and signs up for a free trial of the sights new "nightly lover figure.' The very next day a huge box is in front of her door addressed to her. Its her figure, and he looks nothing like the "figure" she expected to be getting. He's naked, completely sexy, and wants to be her boyfriend! She is dumbfounded. However, he ends up being way more than she bargained for. Not only is he very attentive and sexy, but he is also smart, nice, protective, and an awesome cook to boot. With this dream lies a ctach; if she doesn't return him on time its going to cost her one million dollars. But, what happens if she's not ready to let go of him yet?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1 - The Lover Shop
  • Chapter 2 - Three-Day Boyfriend
  • Chapter 3 - The Purchase
  • Chapter 4 - The Million-Dollar Man
  • Chapter 5 - Dinner
  • Chapter 6 - Let's Go To School!


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User Reviews
Absolutely Great Reviewed by Pepper on March 13, 2010. Pepper has written 3 reviews. His/her last review was for Volume 1. 1 out of 1 users recommend his reviews.
Absolute Boyfriend is a series that is produced by viz media under Shojo Beat.  This was actually the first manga I ever read.  You could imagine i expected it to be utterly cliche and smut filled.  Watase does an excellent job at making the reader feel as if they just got a glimpse into someone's life.  She creates such likable characters.  The way she sets up the book is to make the reader instantly like Night and instantly dislike soshi.  However, as the book progresses one gets the feeling as if there is more to the story. Night is more than just a "doll" and Yoshi is more than just a friend.  A love triangle is set up between Riiko , Night, and Soshi.  However, the triangle is one that makes it hard for the reader to pick a side. soshi appears abrasive and Night is a doll!  The book has amazingly funny and even a couple smutty spots that add comic relief to the plot line.  It is a great starter book and will instantly get the reader attached to certain characters.  But, also Riiko the girl in this love triangle is awesome too.  She is funny, pretty, slightly self conscious and confused.  She represents a little bit of every type of girl at that age.  I definitely recommend this. 
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