Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou #1 - Volume #1

is a manga book published by Akita Shoten that was released on

Plot Summary

Akuto is an orphan raised by the church who aims to one day become a great priest that will change the world for the better. He even makes a pact with a girl he meets on the train ride to the Constantin Magic High School, class representative Hattori Junko. However, upon arriving at the school, he takes the Vocational Aptitude Test from a Raven in a jar. The Raven proclaims that he is destined to become the next Maou, or the next Demon King.
A string of misinterpretations and awkwardness follows as Akuto tries to convince everyone that he will not become said Maou, followed by Hattori trying to smack him down with her magic katana. Afterwords, the administration tells him that a private investigator is looking into the matter. Akuto tries to apologize to Hattori for blowing off her clothes in a magical explosion, but another strange girl throws herself at him when he tries to apologize, making things even worse.


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