Dragonball Kanzenban (Perfect) Edition #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 12/04/2002

Plot Summary

Bulma is a young girl in search for the seven dragonballs in order to make a wish. During her journey some comes across an odd boy called Son Goku, who is super strong and has a monkey tail.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: Bulma and Son Goku
  • Chapter 2: No Balls
  • Chapter 3: Goku - Running to the sea
  • Chapter 4: Kame-Sennin's Kinto-un
  • Chapter 5: Oolong Appears !!!
  • Chapter 6: Oolong vs Son Goku
  • Chapter 7: Yamcha and Puar
  • Chapter 8: Yamcha should be Afraid !!
  • Chapter 9: The Dragonballs in Danger !!
  • Chapter 10: Grand Robbery Scheme
  • Chapter 11: Gyuumao of Mount Frypan
  • Chapter 12: Asking Kame-sennin
  • Chapter 13: Kame-sennin's Banana Fan
  • Chapter 14: Kame-sennin's Kamehameha !!


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Akira Toriyama artist, cover, penciler, writer,


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