Akame Ga Kill! #1 - Volume 1

is a manga book published by Square Enix that was released on 08/21/2010

Plot Summary

A young man named Tatsumi seeks to save his hometown from financial ruin by making it big in the military with his martial prowess. However, he is unaware of the corruption that plagues the capital, and almost falls victim to it when he's rescued by an unlikely saviour, a group of assassins named Night Raid. Seeing potential in Tatsumi, Night Raid recruit him and explain that their goal is to end the corruption infesting their country by eliminating its source, the current Prime Minister.

The other members of the team take turns showing Tatsumi the ropes, starting with the group's deadliest member, Akame, and Mein, a sniping prodigy with an abrasive personality.


  • Chapter 1: Kill the Darkness (闇を斬る Yami wo Kiru)
  • Chapter 2 Kill the Country (国を斬る Kuni wo Kiru)
  • Chapter 3: Kill Authority (権力を斬る Kenryoku wo Kiru)
  • Chapter 4: Kill Your Cares (蟠りを斬る Wadakamari wo Kiru)


In the tankobon's bonus joke chapter, Mein makes good on her threat to banish Tatsumi to another series published in Gangan Joker. In this instance, the romance manga Hatsukiai.


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Takahiro writer,
Tetsuya Tashiro artist, cover,


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