Voltron watch the entile (lion) series online!

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Ahhh 1984, I was a 1 year old, An actor was president, Nintendo was considered the system of choice for hardcore gamers, (insert cliche 80's jokes here) , and Voltron WAS anime in America.
Now it's over 25 years later since the debut of Voltron on American soil and the first 72 episodes of Voltron Defender of the Universe are now available to watch for free on Hulu, that's the entire Lion Voltron series, episodes 1-72! (Episodes 73+ were Vehicle Voltron) Go to Hulu.com and search Voltron, or click here to go straight to the Voltron page on Hulu. 
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I remember loving Voltron as a kid and being near tears if I missed an episode (I was like 4 when it came out).  I used to rent the movie from Blockbuster every weekend and watch it like 4 times.  would always defend it as being great but about a year ago I started watching it when it was on netflix and wow, let's just say the rose colored nostalgia glasses got completely shattered and grinded into dust. 
Nice add though.  I think Hulu also has old Macross/Robotech, select episodes of Captain Harlock and all of Galaxy Express 999 (or maybe just some and CR has all).  They're developing a decent collection of old school anime and a pretty huge archive of anime in general.
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