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Voltron is an anime series in the Voltron franchise
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Lance is second in command of the Voltron Force, and pilot of the Red Lion.


Barbarian King of the Rogue Galaxy.


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Sea Team, Lisa is one of the operators of the Space Prober.


Voltron Vehicle Force Land Team member who drives the All-Terrain Space Vehicle.

Mary Ann

A scientist who created a powerful super robot, also hinted to have helped King Alfor in Voltron's creation.


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force Land Team, he operates the Armored Equipment Carrier


Mogor (or Morgill as he has also been referred to as) was the Doom Fleet commander who took Yurak's place following his predecessor's death.


Captain in the Drule fleet, he is one of the primary Drule villains in the Voltron/Dairugger XV series.


A deceitful Drule council member

Mouse Voltron

A mini-mech version of Voltron operated by the Space Mice, usually seen fighting Haggar's cat Coba.


Mozak is the father of Commander Hazar.


Nanny is caretaker of Princess Allura. She is not very fond of the mice that inhabit Castle Arus.


A commanding officer of the Drule Fleet.


Captain of the Galaxy Alliance ship, Explorer.


A massive one-eyed space dwelling robeast which siphons power from anything it wraps it's tentacles around.


Member of Voltron Force, pilot of the green lion. He sometimes comes off as a pervert, quite accidentally though.

Prince Bokar

Sent by King Zarkon to infiltrate the Voltron Force. Prince Bokar gained Allura's trust (and attraction) and was given the blue lion to pilot as his own, his true identity was discovered though and he reverted to his true form, a serpent like Robeast.

Prince Lotor

Evil son of the Drule King Zarkon. He has an attraction to Princess Allura.

Prince Tabor

The nephew of King Zarkon, Tabor oversees slavery on the planet Nemon. In the GoLion version Yurak kills him.

Professor Page

Chief scientist aboard the Explorer

Professor Sarwa

Scientist who lives on a planet covered in sand


Captain in the Drule Fleet, he piloted a Robeast Mech

Queen Merla

Ruler of the Seventh Kingdom, Merla was once betrothed to marry Prince Lotor. Merla was initially an enemy to the people of Arus and the Voltron Force, but reformed her evil ways later on and became an ally of Voltron.

Queen Orla

The Aunt of Princess Allura and ruler of a region of the planet Arus.


Raddick is a Drule captain.

Red Berets

A group of savage warriors from Planet Doom. They hold a particular role of infamy in Voltron for being part of the shows goriest episode, where they were seen murdering large numbers of people, children included.

Robeast Zarkon

A robeast built to resemble King Zarkon, appeared in episodes 50-52 of Voltron, making it the robeast with the most appearances in the original series.


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Air Team, he operates the Strato Weapons Module.


Senator from planet Oran


Romelle is the cousin of Princess Allura and a Princess in her own right. After the deaths of her father and older brother she became the leader of the people of Pollux.


Young Drule who befriended the Voltron Vehicle Force


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Sea Team who operates one of the Multi-Wheeled Explorers. He is of Irish heritage. Shannon harbors a true hatred of the Drule.

Space Marshal Graham

The top military leader of the Galaxy Alliance

Space Rats

A larger "evil" cousin of sorts to the Space Mice, these rodents from planet Doom caused trouble in the Castle of Lions, sabotaging critical systems. They could shoot lasers out of their eyes.


Bridge officer on the Explorer.


A Galaxy Alliance military leader.


A Tiger Warrior, Stride pilots the Black Tiger, which is presumably a component to a Tiger version of Voltron, but such a mech is never seen. He is an honor driven warrior and despite an alliance with Zarkon refused to kill Keith after defeating him in battle, both outpiloting Keith in a battle between the Black Lion and Black Tiger, and besting Keith in a sword fight that followed.


Original pilot of the Blue Voltron Lion, he was either injured or killed depending on if you go by the American or Japanese version of the series.


A little girl from the planet Arus. She was rescued by Pidge who she looks up to as a hero. She is an honorary member of the Voltron Force.


Space Prober operator and member of the Voltron Vehicle Force Sea Team

The Masked Man

Claiming to be a slave who had been horrifically disfigured by Witch Haggar to the extent that his face was too gruesome for any human to look at, the masked man was in fact an agent of Planet Doom who took Princess Romelle hostage on Lotor's behalf planing to trade her for Allura. He was later revealed to be a stingray like robeast.


A slave girl who's escape from planet Doom raised suspicion from the Voltron Force.


Twila is a female member of the Drule species. She is not to be confused with the slave girl of the same name from an earlier episode of Voltron however, as there is no connection between the two characters.


Vargo is a Drule commander.

Vehicle Voltron

The 2nd Voltron that is composed of a number of different vehicles, 15 to be exact. It can only remain fully assembled for 5 minute periods of time due to the extreme amount of power it uses.

Viceroy Throk

Viceroy Throk is the leader of the Drule fleet and the main enemy of the Voltron Vehicle Force.


Voltron is the super robot that is formed by combining the five robotic lions and piloted by the Voltron Force.

Witch Haggar

Witch from Planet Doom. Haggar is responsible for splitting Voltron into 5 seperate lions to begin with and severely injuring Sven to the extent that he had to leave the Voltron Force.


A member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Air Team. Wolo pilots one of the Advanced Recon Helicopters


Captain of King Zarkon's forces, Yurak was one of the original villains of Voltron. Due to his many failures Yurak was eventually sentenced to death by King Zarkon, but instead of being executed Yurak voluntarily was transformed into a robeast to regain his honor.

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