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Voltron is an anime series in the Voltron franchise
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The Princess of Planet Arus, who later pilots the Blue Lion after Sven was badly injured. She has recently stepped down from the Voltron Force to serve as Queen of Arus, her niece Larmina replaced her as the Blue Lion pilot.


A Medusan who was manipulated into attacking the Voltron Force, she quickly turned on Zarkon's forces though, and was critically injured by Haggar as a result.


A Prince from the planet Pollux, he is the older brother of Romelle and Bandor, as well as being Allura's cousin. He was tragically transformed into a Robeast and killed in battle with Voltron.


Drule freedom fighter who opposes the oppressive government. Leader of the URF.


Prince of the planet Pollux, he is Romelle's younger brother and Allura's cousin

Bat-Fish Robeast

The first Robeast Voltron fought, and one of the few to appear in more then one episode of Voltron.

Blue Fiend

The Blue Fiend is one of the deadliest Robeasts from Planet Doom, it lived in seclusion until Witch Haggar summoned it to destroy Voltron. Along with Haggar this Robeast was responsible for Sven no longer being part of Voltron Force.

Blue Robeast

This was the first Robeast to be seen in the Voltron series, it never actually fought Voltron, but did nearly kill the members of Voltron Force in the shows first episode who were to be executed by it.


A ruthless and treacherous Drule commander, plots against and betrays Hazar at every turn while Hazar is trying to make peace with the Galaxy Alliance


Drule captain, and frequent adversary to the Voltron Vehicle Force.

Captain Keith

Keith is the leader of the Voltron Force, he first piloted the Green Lion for a very short time before becoming pilot of the Black Lion.


Carp is an ace-pilot from Planet Doom, he flies a Red Robeast ship which was custom built for him. He has a particularly uneasy relationship with Mogor. Nearly destroyed Voltron.


A Galaxy Alliance Captain.


Cheddar is one of the more prominently featured Space Mice from Voltron. He also seems to be their leader.


Cheesy is one of the space mice who inhabit the Castle of Lions. He is easily identified as the largest blue mouse.


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Air Team, pilots the Advanced Recon Helicopter, a component of Vehicle Voltron. In the Voltron Fleet of Doom movie he is revealed to be Pidge's twin brother.


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force Land Team, she operates the Rotating Personnel Carrier.


Leader of the Voltron Vehicle Force Land Team. He operates the Jet Radar Station

Clone Lotor

A clone of Prince Lotor created by Lotor and Haggar in order to make the Prince of Doom look braver then he really is. It is stronger and more agile then the true Lotor, and has no fear of death.


Witch Haggar's cat familiar. Often used to spy on Zarkon and Haggar's enemies. In the GoLion Version of the series it was killed by Lotor

Colonel Cross

A Galaxy Alliance military officer


Royal advisor to Princess Allura and occasional military strategist.


Ruthless Drule Warlord and friend of Prince Lotor.


Leader of Voltron Vehicle Force's Sea Team. Cric operates the Communications Module


Serves as a science officer and nurse aboard the Explorer.


Dorma is one of the few Drule females featured in the series. She only appeared towards the end of the series to show a different, more humane and moral side of the Voltron Force's, enemies, the Drule.

Duplicate Voltron

An Evil Voltron created from stolen blueprints by King Zarkon, and given the ability to read the electric impulses of the original by Haggar, thus allowing it to anticipate Voltrons next move before it is made.


Durax is a Drule mech pilot

Emperor Zeppo

Supreme ruler of the Drule Empire


A slave fused with a coelacanth by Haggar's magic. Such a merging generally means a fight to the death with Voltron, but this character escaped and acted as a hero instead. He is also the father of Jungle Girl


Garrett is a clone of Coran's long lost son.

General Kruger

Military leader of planet Oran


Ginger is the pilot of the Falcon VT Fighter, a component of the Vehicle Voltron.

Gladiator Robeast

Zarkon had his robot gladiators fight to the death in his arena for the right to battle Voltron, this spiky armored robeast slew his comrades, but was defeated by Voltron.


A Drule captain, not particularly evil but often follows orders despite his personal feelings


A leader of the Galaxy Alliance who oversees the deployment of the Voltron Vehicle Force.


Hazar is a Drule commander who is initially the primary enemy of the Voltron Vehicle Force, over the course of the series he gradually went from villain to hero. He most recently made a brief cameo in the new series Voltron Force.


Member of the Voltron Force, pilots the yellow lion


Hutch is a member of the Voltron Vehicle Force Land Team, he drives one of the All-Terrain Space Vehicles.

Iron Maiden Robeast

Seen slaughtering slaves in the arena in order to try to lure out Sven and Romelle, Voltron later fights this Robeast, at which point it's outer shell shatters revealing a deadlier form.


Jai was a slave who escaped the planet Nemon to seek the help of Voltron in freeing his people.


Jeff is the leader of Voltron Vehicle Force's Air Team. He pilots the Command Jet Explorer.


Former soldier of Doom turned traitor to Zarkon

Jungle Girl

A heroic young woman from planet Mirra.


A Drule warlord who aided Lotor in overthrowing King Zarkon. Later became a major enemy of the Voltron Vehicle Force.


A Captain in the Galaxy Alliance.

King Alfor

The father of Princess Allura and creator of Voltron. Even though he is deceased his spirit continues to protect his daughter and guard the 5 lions

King DeVille

The father of Avok, Romelle, and Bandor. He ruled the planet Pollux until the time of his death, at which point Romelle became leader.

King Zarkon

The evil king in voltron


The Princess of planet Demos

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