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Voltron is a franchise comprised of 4 movies, 6 anime series, 1 manga series
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Beam Katana

Primary weapon of the No More Heroes Saga. This weapon's like a light saber except with one huge difference. They shed blood.

Black Lion

The largest of the Voltron lions, the black lion forms the body and head of Voltron. It is piloted by Keith

Black Tiger

Spacecraft piloted by Stride, very similar to the Black Voltron Lion.

Blue Lion

The Blue Lion is a component of Voltron and forms his right leg, it was piloted by Sven, Princess Allura and is currently piloted by Larmina.

Carp's Robeast

A red vulture-like mech piloted by Carp. Built more for speed then firepower.

Command Jet Explorer

The head of Vehicle Voltron piloted by Jeff.

Falcon VT Fighter

A high speed air/space fighter which becomes part of Vehicle Voltron/Dairugger's armor.

Green Lion

The Green Lion is a component of Voltron, forming his left arm. It is first seen piloted by Keith, but Pidge soon becomes it's mainstay pilot.

Martial Arts Gi

A uniform worn by martial artists, the belt color often symbolizes rank and skill. Sometimes weighted for strength building purposes.

Red Lion

The Red Lion is a component of Voltron, forming his right arm. This lion is piloted by Lance

Space Coffin

Witch Haggar's primary mode of transportation, has also been seen as the primary tool of bringing robeasts to planet Arus and other worlds.


Tentacles appear quite frequently in ecchi manga/anime series. They can be from monsters, animals, robots, magic, or demons. Seen as a stereotype of manga/anime.


A long staff with three points at the end. Usually a symbol of demons or the sea.

Yellow Lion

The yellow lion is a component of Voltron and forms his left leg, it is piloted by Hunk

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