Voltron Force season 2, returning characters, and deaths, SPOILER

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Voltron Force season 2 is over next week with the season finale looming, this season contained many surprises, including a Voltron Vehicle Force member and Sven, and tonight's episode killed off three of the shows major villains. So lets re-cap some of the big moments of season 2 in anticipation to what the season finale may bring...

Every Voltron Lion can form the body/head and has a unique weapon

Red Lion Formation Voltron
Red Lion Formation Voltron
We were introduced to this concept in season 1, now we know every lion is capable of becoming Voltron's centerpiece. The Black lion center forms the iconic classic look with the Blazing Sword, the Red lion center uses a pair of guns as weapons, the Yellow lion uses a pair of balls and chains, the Blue lion uses a trident, the Green lion uses a Captain America style "Boomerang Shield" 

The team has changed

While Lance and Hunk are still piloting the Red Lion and Yellow Lion, Allura, Pidge, and Keith have stepped down as the pilots of the other three Lions, Larmina is now the pilot of Blue Lion, Vince is now the pilot of Green Lion, and Daniel is now the pilot of Black Lion.

Allura is no longer a Princess

It always struck me as odd she was not called Queen in the original series because both her mother and father were dead, but she is now Queen Allura.

Classic characters make comebacks

Sven-Voltron Force series
Sven-Voltron Force series

Chip and Pidge-Voltron Force series
Chip and Pidge-Voltron Force series
Hopefully this will be an indication of things to come in season 3, but we had two big character appearances this season, Sven the original Blue Lion Pilot, and Chip, Pidge's brother and a member of the Voltron Vehicle Force. Can we expect Zarkon or Haggar to return next?

The majority of the season 1 and season 2 villains are gone

The Predator Robeast was the first villain to go bye-bye this season, and the fusion of Commander Kala/ Sky Marshall Wade the "Lider (lion/spider) Robeast" absorbed King Lotor into it's collective conscious. The Lider Robeast was then slain by Voltron, killing all three villains in the process. Maahox, the sole surviving villain then resurrected Lotor yet again, but only to kill Lotor with the Castle Doom Robeast.
Interesting season, will be looking forward to the season finale and the farther off season 3.
Edit: I forgot to mention that it has been revealed that Sven had a baby with a yet unknown woman. though given the past series, and Sven's relationship with Princess Romelle in it, I tend to think this may be a hint that Allura's niece, the current Blue Lion pilot Larmina is the daughter of Sven and her cousin Romelle. Which would be a nice touch, given that if that were the case, both Larmina's father and Aunt were pilots of the Blue Lion giving a real feel of a legacy to it's pilots,
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