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Voltron Force is an anime series in the Voltron franchise
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Episodes 1-3 "New Defenders Trilogy" Reviewed by EganTheVile1 on June 16, 2011. EganTheVile1 has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for The girl in the dark. 15 out of 17 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
So I have been looking forward to this for almost a year, I am a HUGE Voltron fan and the thought of a new series has been the source of a lot of speculation since I first heard about it last year. So needless to say I did not miss the first episode, which happily was also followed by the second and third episodes. I had a blast watching them, they were certainly a great piece of nostalgia, but did they live up to my expectations? Read on... 
So the show starts off with Daniel, one of the new characters daydreaming about his desire to become a member of the Voltron Force, not just any member either, the leader and the pilot of the Black Lion. But a flashback soon reveals why that is a bit complicated of a goal, apparently shortly after the forces of Planet Doom were defeated, Voltron went haywire during a parade and caused a great deal of destruction, leading to a member of the Galaxy Alliance Sky Marshall Wade pushing to make Voltron to be decommisioned, and that if it were ever reactivated Arus would be sanctioned for committing a war crime. 
But years later he we are at the Galaxy Garrison where Daniel, and another boy Vince are training as cadets under Commander Lance, former pilot of the Red Lion. The two boys feel a bit of hero worship for Lance, but that is shattered when Lance puts them up for disciplinary action in front of Sky Marshall Wade, who sentences the boys to clean toilets for the remainder of their stay in the academy. 
Daniel and Vince bond while serving out their punishment, but are a bit shocked, Lance, the most rebellious of the now disbanded VF, was so strict, and soon it is revealed Lance has a reason for having the boys put in this unpleasant position, Sky Marshall Wade has the keys to the Red and Blue lions and wears them as pins on his uniform, the only time he ever sets them down is when he showers, and that is where Daniel and Vince's bathroom detail comes into play. Lance introduces Daniel and Vince to Pidge and Hunk, who have also been playing "good soldiers" but when Daniel asks about Keith, Lance just shrugs and replies along the lines of "Always the hero worship with Keith". Lance explains his plan for the boys and has them steal the keys and swap them out with fakes. Lance then tells the boys they are expelled from the Galaxy Alliance academy and takes them to planet Arus where they meet Allura, and are told they are going to be trained to become the future Voltron Force, and are introduced to yet another teenager in training, Allura's niece Princess Larmina. 
Meanwhile aboard an alien ship under the command of Kala, the alchemist Maahox has discovered a magical power called Haggarium, and uses it to resurrect the evil drule Lotor, welcoming him back to the living as King Lotor. Maahox soo after introduces Lotor to his new process for creating Robeasts (This is very similar to the GoLion method) and shows Lotor that he is using humans as the building blocks of Robeasts, and transforms an innocent woman into the first of a new smarter breed of Robeasts.  
So now the team is getting it from both sides, the Galaxy Alliance and Lotor's evil crew.
From here on I end my remarks so you can watch greatly free of spoilers and say what I liked, and disliked about these three episodes. 
The animation is great, though at times a bit less then fluid, these periods of bad animation stand out heavily in contrast to the good animation.... the CG lions, especially the bulky black lion can sometimes look cheesy. Allura looks hot, so thats a plus!
Voice acting is great. No complaints there. 
Plot: Making Voltron himself an outlawed weapon was GENIUS, as was having a corrupt leader in the Galaxy Alliance who is just as bad if not worse then Lotor.  
A few Easter Eggs are available to find for Voltron fans, Daniel's teacher at the start of the first episode is none other then Professor Page from the Vehicle Voltron episodes, another Vehicle Voltron character, a big one, Hazar, makes a cameo as well, and do those blueprints for a Galaxy Alliance Voltron created by Wade seem a tad familiar? And not of Vehicle Voltron but of.... Gladiator Voltron?
Overall the New Defenders Trilogy arc was a blast, 
Definite room for improvement but a great start,  4 out of 5
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