Voltron Force Characters

Voltron Force is an anime series in the Voltron franchise
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The Princess of Planet Arus, who later pilots the Blue Lion after Sven was badly injured. She has recently stepped down from the Voltron Force to serve as Queen of Arus, her niece Larmina replaced her as the Blue Lion pilot.

Captain Keith

Keith is the leader of the Voltron Force, he first piloted the Green Lion for a very short time before becoming pilot of the Black Lion.


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Air Team, pilots the Advanced Recon Helicopter, a component of Vehicle Voltron. In the Voltron Fleet of Doom movie he is revealed to be Pidge's twin brother.

Clone Lotor

A clone of Prince Lotor created by Lotor and Haggar in order to make the Prince of Doom look braver then he really is. It is stronger and more agile then the true Lotor, and has no fear of death.


Royal advisor to Princess Allura and occasional military strategist.


Ruthless Drule Warlord and friend of Prince Lotor.


A cadet training to become a pilot of one of the Voltron lions.


Hazar is a Drule commander who is initially the primary enemy of the Voltron Vehicle Force, over the course of the series he gradually went from villain to hero. He most recently made a brief cameo in the new series Voltron Force.


Member of the Voltron Force, pilots the yellow lion


An evil alien warlord

King Alfor

The father of Princess Allura and creator of Voltron. Even though he is deceased his spirit continues to protect his daughter and guard the 5 lions


Lance is second in command of the Voltron Force, and pilot of the Red Lion.


The niece of Princess Allura, she was in training to become the future pilot of the Blue Lion, and recently became the first cadet to be inducted into the Voltron Force as a full member after Allura became Queen of Arus and had to step down from


An alien responsible for restoring Lotor back to life


An ally of the Voltron Force


Member of Voltron Force, pilot of the green lion. He sometimes comes off as a pervert, quite accidentally though.

Predator Robeast

This is to date the most powerful Robeast ever created. It is quite similar to Voltron in many ways.

Prince Lotor

Evil son of the Drule King Zarkon. He has an attraction to Princess Allura.

Professor Page

Chief scientist aboard the Explorer

Sky Marshall Wade

Military leader of the Galaxy Alliance, he works to turn the public against Voltron.


Original pilot of the Blue Voltron Lion, he was either injured or killed depending on if you go by the American or Japanese version of the series.


Vince is a cadet in training to become a future pilot of one of the Voltron lions.


Voltron is the super robot that is formed by combining the five robotic lions and piloted by the Voltron Force.

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