Void-Sampling is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 10/27/2011

Following the events of the previous episode, Inori joins Shu's class as his new classmate. Not only that, but she also moves into his apartment and now lives with him. Shu, who doesn't understand why Inori is with him every step he takes, receives an explanation from Gai Tsutsugami. Gai tells Shu that there was one witness that saw and identified Shu during the Undertaker's attack in Roppongi; and that witness happens to go to Shu's school.

It is now Inori and Shu's job to search through the student body for the witness, needing to extract the students' Voids to find out which one of them is the witness.

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"My Dearest" by Supercell

A video from the funeral parlor (Under Taker) reveals Gai giving a speech on how they will continue resist against the GHQ. In class, the teacher informs the class to report any information on these terrorists due to the event that occured in Roppongi. A new student arrives to class; as everyone gaze at the beautiful pinked, girl, Inori, Shu calls her name out and everyone gasp that she is the egotist. Kunan introduces herself to Inori and then Souta asks Inori about her thoughts on the group, Undertaker. Everyone starts to ask Inori for an autograph. Yahiro calms down the crowd; he and Souta inform Inori about their club, Contemporary Visual Culture.

Souta takes down the crowd; everyone apologizes to Inori. In P.E. class, Souta and Shu talks about Inori, and when Souta asks Shu about how Inori looks like a doll, Shu states that she looks like a CG. Souta yells at Shu for objectifying her. On the way home, Shu groans about Souta's insult. When Shu arrives home, Inori opens his door in front of him much to Shu's surprise. Shu sees Inori undressing and tries to close his eyes, but Funnel tries to shock him. Inori explains that Funnel hacked his home; she tells him she is hungry for rice balls. Somewhere in a secluded location, a man asks Keido about how he will take responsibility for the Roppongi event. Kiedo replies that he will put Major Segai in charge. When a man asks about the Norma gene, Dr. Ouma explains about the discovery.

At another part of the city, Seiga finishes reading his email and asks a man whose feet hangs by the rope. Back at Shu's home, Inori finishes her rice ball, and she explains about Dr. Ouma who is the senior researcher at Sephirah Genomics. When Shu complains, Inori asks Shu if he thinks she is a burden to him. Suddenly, a doorbell rings and Yahiro appears and gives Shu, a book. Yahiro asks Shu if something's wrong and then, Inori tells Shu that she has a message for her. Shu tries to explain Yahiro about why a girl is living with him, but he has to chase after Inori.

By the river, Shu asks Inori if she has friends while Inori wonders having friends is beneficial. Gai and Tsugumi wait for Shu and Inori; Gai explain that a witness saw him at the Roppongi event. Gai informs Shu that the Norma gene is probably an alias and that the drug dealer's name is Sugar. When Shu objects that there are too many students to search, Gai tells him to look for the Voids. Shu catches that Gai can see Voids and that is how he can based his plans on. Gai acknowledges that ability. Gai tells Shu that he must survive. At school, Inori asks Shu if he knows about the rules for pulling out Voids. Shue reassures Inori and he attempts to pull out a Void from Kunan. However, he only gropes Kunan's breasts; everyone sees Shu commit vile deed. Kunan screams, and Shu is the headliner of the newspaper.

At an abandoned warehouse, Inori tells Shu that he must maintain eye contact while pulling a Void. She grabs Shu's face and tells him to look at the eye brows if he has trouble. At the bridge, Shu attacks Souta and pulls out a cannon/gun looking Void from him. At school, he pulls out more Voids with little success. At sunset, Shu asks Inori what Void he is supposed to look for. Inori replies that he is looking for shears and she explains that Voids are shaped by the person's heart. Suddenly, Kunan finds Shu, but Yahiro calls Shu to safety. At the gym, Shu realizes that Yahiro has some strange tastes and calls him Sugar. Yahiro gets mad that Shu called him Sugar and wants Shu to be quiet about the incident. Shu plunges his hand into his friend's chest and pulls the shears. When Inori points the gun at Yahiro (he is a witness), Shue desperately tells her to not kill Yahiro because he thinks Yahiro is still good.

Later that night, Yahiro and Shu makes a promise not to tell anyone about the incident. Meanwhile, Tsugumi tells Gai that Inori and Shu solve the problem. In the train ride, Inori asks Shu if she can stay with him forever. Suddenly the train brakes, Yahiro pushes Shu off the train. Shu realizes that Yahiro betrays him. Major Segai places Shu under arrest.

Closing theme:

"Departures: Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta" by the fictional band Egoist

Points of Interests

  • Contemporary Visual Culture Club Members are Shu, Yahiro, and Souta.
  • Yahiro gives Shu a book, The Jigsaw and Chainsaw.
  • Gai's ability: He can see Voids in humans.
  • Rules of Voids: Voids can be pulled out only from people aged 17 and younger. When a Void is pulled, the person will lose their memory of the event.
  • Hare seems to be promiscuous because after Shu gropes Kunan, she says that Shu could have asked her.
  • Ending Credits: When Shu bows down to Kunan, this could be a reference to how Shu groped Kunan. It seems that Shu is apologizing to Kunan for his perverted deed.

New Characters:

Guilty Crown End Card Ep. 3
Guilty Crown End Card Ep. 3

End Card

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