VIZ Starts Spec-Fic Novels Line

Topic started by gia on Jan. 27, 2009. Last post by transgojobot 6 years, 2 months ago.
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The Lord of the Sands of Time
The Lord of the Sands of Time
VIZ has just announced plans to start a new book line: the company isn't new to publishing non-manga books, having published light novels for Fullmetal Alchemist and other popular franchises, but they're starting a line specifically for translated science fiction and fantasy (also known as 'speculative fiction,' if the headline lost you) novels from Japan. The line is called Haikasoru-- not entirely sure what that means; soru can translate to “warped,” but the definitions I've found for haika include “subordinates” and “a deserted or ruined house/family.” Hm.

Anyway, the first four titles in the line are Issui Ogawa's The Lord of the Sands of Time and Hiroshi Sakurazaka's All You Need Is Kill, due in July, and Otsuichi's Zoo and Housuke Nojiri's Usurper of the Sun, due in September. They're all older teen/adult-oriented; hit up the press release for plot summaries!

It's nice to see Japanese sci-fi and fantasy novels get more attention in the US-- I was particularly enamored of Vertical's recent release of the sci-fi horror novel Parasite Eve (which inspired the Square video game), so I'm excited to see more of Japan's non-manga literature across the ocean.

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Do you think this line has any better chance than the various efforts to bring light novels to the U.S.?
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By virtue of having some of the biggest titles in the manga/anime world (Naruto, Bleach, etc), they have a lot of pull in the otaku market in terms of getting shelf space and the like.

That said...I'm curious as to whether these books are going to be shelved amongst manga or amongst mainstream sci-fi and fantasy volumes? As far as I can see they aren't light novels at all, so probably the latter-- so it should be very interesting to see how many otaku are willing to spend time in another section of the bookstore, and how many non-otaku will try these books out.
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I hope the books are shelved with other sci-fi/fantasy novels and not just lumped in with the graphic novels/manga. Those sections are forever shrinking and I'd hate to see this new line get squeezed out because of shelf-space.

Btw, the synopsis for ALL YOU NEED IS KILL is made of win. "Full Metal Bitch"? Hilarious. Can't wait to read it.
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