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Took a sec for me to get back online, but here I go!

- Ultimo will tentatively start in the July issue of Shonen Jump
- Naruto is taking a break from SJ from March to May
- ....because from February to April they'll be putting out 11 volumes of the Naruto manga. The volumes will also come with stickers and bookmarks and other goodies-- and the bookmarks give you access to a special quiz site you can use to enter prize drawings.
- Meanwhile the website will continue to show nine episodes a week-- the latest one from Japan and eight different past eps per week. More quizes-for-prizes here; VIZ is doing a watch-to-win promotion.
- Aaaand on the DVD boxes-- volume 12 comes with a Rock Lee "mininja" figure, and 13 comes with Kakashi. I'm not so into Naruto, but the figures look adorable.

Moving out of the Naruto stuff.....they'll be putting out a Dragonball Evolution posterzine when the movie comes out. The crowd cheers way more for Death note than they did for Naruto-- they'll be releasing Death Note Relight,  a feature-length retellibng of the Death Note story from Ryuk's perspective-- sorry, I missed the date, but I'll get back to it.

Moving on to Haikasoru, the new sci-fi novels line...nothing new there. Tegami Bachi, a beautiful dark fantasy manga, is coming out in September-- I'm looking forward to that one! Detroit Metal City's first volume is due out in June, huzzah, and the first volume also comes with (I assume temporary) tattoos! That is awesome,do want. Yun Kouga's Gestalt is also due in June. Dogs: Bullets and Carnage is coming out in August... Daisuke Igarashi's Cchildren of the Sea is coming in June...Fumi Yoshinaga's alternative history/sci-fi Oooku is hitting shelves in August, this is another one I'm really excited about.

Awww! They're putting out Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea film comics-- you know, comics with art from the movie --tentatively July and August. They're also putting out a picture book and an art book, both in July.

VIZKids' 4koma ChocoMimi is coming out in July as well, and in August we'll see Kamikaze Girls creator Novala Takemoto's Missin' and Missin' 2 in a two-novel box set then as well.

Finally, new titles! Starting with Yu-Gi-Oh! R, starting in October. The manga will come out quarterly and comes with YGO cards.

Boys over Flowers Jewelry Box, a one-off epilogue/sequel kined of thing, will be released in October as well.

In November we'll see a new Arina Tanemura artbook, The Gentleman's Alliance Cross illustrations. Apparently it features a lot more commentary than her past artbooks. Beast Master-- a shoujo manga unrelated to the live-action flick, thank god --is coming out in November. Butterflies, Flowers by Yuki Yoshihara, a manga for ollder girls (rated M!), is coming out in December-- that's interesting, I wonder just how 'adult' it is.Jormungand by Keitaro Takahashi is also an M title, looks a bit more shounen/action-y to me; it's due in November-- it's from the same magazine as Black Lagoon.

Solanin creator Inio Asano's What a Wonderful World volumes 1 and 2 are both coming out in October.  Tekkon Kinkreet's Taiyo Matsumoto's GoGo Monster will come out in November as well.

Fumi Yoshinaga's josei title All My Darling Daughters will come out in January 2010-- I think that might have been her last professionally-published work to remain unlicened. Not anymore, I guess! Natsume Ono's not simple is coming out in January as weell-- and we're promised we'll see more of Ono-sensei's work in the future as well.

Natsume Yuujinchou's manga (by NYuki Midorikawa) is goin to start coming out in January also! Yaaaay!

And last but not least...they're going to release InuYasha creator Rumiko Takahashi's new series in 2009, which remains unnamed and undescribed. That's all we get to know about it for now.

On to the q&a! Bleach creator Tite Kubo apparently really enjoyed San Diego Comic Con. The company WILL release Honey and Clover in a box set this year (I didn't catch whether it was manga or anime).

L Change the WorLd will come out this year as well, they may even put it in theaters, and they may license the novel version as well.

What's going on with Monster? The manga has concluded; stay tuned for information about the anime...more info on that "sooner than you think." Unfortunately, no such good news for Full Moon, whose anime was put on hold.

Are they going to reprint No. 5? They'll think about it. Looks like that's the end!
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Wow! Lots of news, straight from Viz! Great work Gia :)
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The best piece of news is that I'll be enjoying more of Inio Asano's storytelling and art later this year. I cannot wait!

I refuse to get excited about MONSTER, until I see Vol. 1 appear in my Netflix queue. Viz has been chatting up and shopping this series for close to three years now.
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