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 Bokurano Ours
 Bokurano Ours
"VIZ signature basically means manga for grown ups." IKKI, if you haven't discovered, most definitely is not your traditional collection of Shonen and Shojo. By the end of the month there will be 9 titles that can be viewed online, for free.
We're walking through the crew behind IKKI Magazine, and I wonder if they will be able to top Stan Lee from the VIZ Shonen Panel. Oh wait, this was cute, they showed us a picture of Hideki Egami, editor in chief, followed a picture of Hideki Egami in a dress. Wow. Oh wait, he's at the panel, even better!
Watching a video over some of their titles, including Tokyo Flow Chart, Charisma, and Dorohedoro. In case you didn't realize, "IKKI means comix." now a walk through of their website, Sigikki, which has free manga that you probably haven't heard of before. Toward that purpose I'll give a quick rundown in case anything catches your fancy.

The Offerings

Manga that is currently on the site currently
Children of the Sea: I saw the book at their booth, but haven't got a chance to check it out. Nice, subtle looking story. 
Bokurano Ours: This is the one I'm the most interested in. The story seems like one of those great, large pool of protagonists, in which every character gets its chance to shine. 15 kids are invited to play a "game" in which they pilot some sort of abstract mecha. Done.
Dorohedoro: "A blood splattered battle between diabolical sorcerers and the monsters they created"
Saturn Apartments: Earth gets trashed enough that we can't live on it. Apartments get built around the Earth in a large Saturn like ring around the planet. The art looks hot. It has a boy wearing a spacesuit and "exploring Earth"
I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow: 40 year old man decides to become a manga artist, doesn't look like it'll work out anytime soon.
Manga that will be on the site shortly
 House of Five Leaves
 House of Five Leaves
Kingyo Used Books: The story of a store fill with stories, a manga cafe.\
After School Charisma: Whoa! Rich school where all of the denizens are clones of historical figures. Well, except for one... Totally not going to be Clone High, but I'm all over that
House of Five Leaves: Edo century ronin becomes a yojimbo. Wackiness ensues (okay, maybe wacky is a bad choice)
Tokyo Flow Chart: Crazy looking comedy, the manga is actually aranged like a flow chart... in which you follow the arrows to and fro various panels to get the full story

All of these titles will be online by July 30th. So there you go. Sigikki, sigikki, sigikki.


Question: How long will the chapters be up?
The chapters will be up for a significant amount of time, months, so don't fear going on vacation. Though, in the case of items that begin print publication (ala Children of the Sea), they will potentially phase out medium to late content of the series. However, they've stated their intents to always leave at least a chapter or two online as teasers for the series.
Greatest moment of the panel: Apparently one of the Viz higher ups, Narita, is in the panel. In fact, even they weren't aware of his presence. One of the last questions came from him, as he asked how the act of cross dressing applied to Edgami's work as IKKI's EiC. Hilarious!
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Thanks for posting this about Sigikki!  I finally went over there yesterday and love the series they're putting up.  I kind of just went Aaaaaaaaahhhh.  This is the sort of stuff I'd been missing, and now there's a location that has a selection to choose from.  Not to mention, when I hear that annoying "manga is all DragonBall and Naruto and hentai"  I can just copy and paste the Sigikki homepage. XD  Rebuttal in one easy package.
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