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Okay, VIZ's panel doesn't actually start for another ten minutes ish, but it looks like everyone thought they were going to start at 3 instead of 3:30, so they might start early, so I thought I'd get the liveblog going early. (I knew they were starting at 3:30, but I got here early 'cause I'm awesome like that. And because I'm trying to avoid Internet difficulties causing delays.)

Anyway, everyone's sitting here just watching a collection of someone's funny images folder on the big screen, which is actually proving rather fun. But I see the VIZ reps up at the panel, so hopefully they'll start soon!

Aaaand here we go, starting with SHONEN JUMP MANGA.

They're doing a One Piece speed-up like Naruto. They'll release four volumes (24-28) in January 2010, and four more per month through June 2010, which will get them to volume 53. That's pretty badass. They've also launched, which is going to feature a series of free "motion manga" previews.

Naruto's volume 45 is due July 7th, and volume 46 on October 10th. Bleach's 28 is due September 1st, 29 on December 1st.

WaqWaq, by Ryu Fujisaki-- a world thrown into chaos, with humans living underground, scared of the machines above ground, with the few remaining cities being protected by cyborgs --is having its first volume released in August.

Tegami Bachi's first volume is also due out soon, September 1st. Set in a world of perpetual night, a weak artificial sun lights the world, and anywhere not lit by that sun is overrun by metal insects. The only people who can face these insects are the letter bees, sort of a badass post office delivering people's hearts around the world.

Yu-Gi-Oh! R volume 1 is coming out October 6th, and only the first print run of the first volume will come with a special bonus card.

Rosario + Vampire season II is coming out April 6, 2010.


Bleach Movie 2: Diamond Dust Rebellion will street on September 8th, and it will premiere at VIZ's new theatre in San Francisco (opening in August) on August 19th.

They're also running a contest to win one of two BLEACH guitars, signed by creator Tite Kubo. First, if you buy Uncut Box Set 3 from Suncoast or FYE you'll get a code to enter. The second opportunity is September 8 to October 31st, and if you buy a DVD of episode 20, 21, or BLEACH Movie 2 it'll have info on how to win the second guitar.

Frankly, the guitars look BADASS. Like, I'M considering entering and I don't have any interest in Bleach anymore.

Death Note Relight 2 streets October 27th. L Change the WorLd hits streets on August 18th. Hunter x Hunter's final volume will street on December 1st.

Naruto Shippuden volume 1 is due September 29th, original, uncut, and it's the ONLY way you can watch the Naruto dub for Shippuden at this time (it's subtitled on Crunchyroll and The first Shippuden movie is set to street on November 1st, by the by. A new program called "Adopt a Mininja" is happening; volumes 14, 15, and 16 of Naruto will come with chibi Neiji, Gaara, and 4th Hokage respectively. The Kakashi Chronicles, which tell the tale of how Kakashi gets his special eye, will be coming out August 6th, it looks like.

Moving along, I'll bet, to Candace and Shojo Beat and VIZ Signature.

Gestalt, by Expo guest Yun Kouga, is out now of course.

Volume 38, which will actually read RIGHT TO LEFT, is due out July 14th, and will come out monthly and right to left from now on. The first VIZBIG volume is due out July 10th. (I'm going to start picking those up when they get to like, volume 20.)

Shojo Beat! They're having a tea party with Kanon Wakeshima, and there are ten VIP passes you can enter to win in order to take part; 16 and up can enter on

Nana volume 17 is coming out July 7th. The anime box set is also coming out, episodes 1-11.5, on September 8th.

Honey & Clover volume 6 is out, and its anime box set volume 1 is streeting on September 22nd.

Boys over Flowers Jewelry Box, a special one-year-later epilogue, will hit stores on October 13th.

Shojo manga Beast Master volume 1 is due out November 3rd,  and a new Arina Tanemura artbook-- The Gentleman's Alliance Arina Tanemura Illustrations --is due November 17th. It includes two new images created ONLY for this release, so unreleasd even in Japan. The final volume of the manga will hit stores on April 6th 2010.

Butterflies, Flowers by Yuki Yoshihara, for slightly older shojo fans (it is rated M and has an explicit mark on it), is due December 1st.

Natsume's Book of Friends ( Natsume Yuujinchou) volume 1 streets January 5th.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT (they say): Yun Kouga's Crown of Love, due out February 2nd 2010. Nana Haruto's Cactus's Secret is due March 2nd 2010-- apparently it's about a girl who becomes "prickly" when she talks to a boy she likes. Wow. The creator became a pro mangaka at age 15.

Rinko Ueda's Stepping on Roses streets April 6th. Flower in a Storm by Shigeyoshi Takagi (whose art reminds me of a yaoi mangaka, even though it's not a yaoi title-- in fact, it's an action-packed shojo title I'm told) is due out May 4th 2010.

VIZ SIGNATURE: Pluto 4 comes out July 21st. 20th Century Boys volume 4 is due August 18th. REAL volume 5 is due July 21st. Detroit Metal City volume 1, whose first print run includes tattoos, are out now, and Oishinbo A La Carte: Fish, Sushi, and Sashimi is also due out July 21st.

Ooku, Fumi Yoshinaga's historical sci-fi, is due August 18th, and I'm dying for this. Basically set in a Japan where llike 80% of men have been killed off, the country is run by women, and they have a male harem. <3

What a Wonderful World!, by Solanin creator Inio Asano, volume 1 AND 2 are coming out October 20th. GoGo Monster by Taiyo Matsumoto, creator of Tekkon Kinkreet, will have its first volume out on November 17th. It's about a kid who takes part in two worlds: the human world, where he's neglected, and the monster world, which eventually collides with the real world.

Jormungand, by Keitaro Takahashi, also an explicit content title from the same manga anthology as Black Lagoon, will hit stores November 10th. It's about assassins-- and it sounds pretty awesome.

Fumi Yoshinaga's All My Dearling Daughters is going to come out January 19th 2010. It's about a girl whose single mom is marrying a much younger man-- an actor and former host, too.

not simple, by Natsume Omo, a really unusually styled manga (i.e. it doesn't look like most manga), will come out on January 19th as well. A reporter decides to follow this neglected boy's story, which is told sort of backwards.

Biomega, by Blame creator Tsutomu Nihei, will street on February 9th 2010.


This is VIZ's online comics from Japan's Ikki Comics line. They've already got Children of the Sea online, and the first volume will come out in tankobon format on July 21st. They've got a little trailer for the manga, too.


I'm kind of dreading this.

Any more episodes of InuYasha? They don't have any news. Can they make Shonen Jump a weekly magazine? No plans at this time.  For Hunter x Hunter, plans for the OVAs? None at this time.

There will be some ULTIMO events at San Diego Comic Con, which we should hear about by the middle of this month. Blu-Ray of Bleach? No plans now, but a lot of people want it. Why no booth this year? They haven't had a booth here in a while. Times are tough! Does VIZ plan to license or release the Shaman King special. Why no Naruto Shippuden on TV? That's Cartoon Network's decision and they can't get into details. Are they trying to get it aired or will it never be on TV? They're working with all of the networks, so...maybe.

Naruto Shippuden volume 1 box set is due out in January. Rerelease of Urusei Yatsura? No plans now but they've gotten a lot of requests so stay tuned for news. Reborn!-- does VIZ have plans to translate any of the episodes out right now? Manga? No plans for the anime. How often does Reborn release? It's quarterly.  Can they talk about CPM's demise, and the demise of other companies? Well, publishing is a hard business, but they don't worry too much about the other companies, just about bringing the best stuff from Japan...but they all feel lucky to have jobs.

Shojo Beat magazine...what happened? Yes, July issue is the last issue, and subscribers will get Shonen Jump.
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Nice! I'm excited for this One Piece campaign. I really wanted to own the volumes that cover the CP9 arc (my personal favorite so far) for quite some time. I mean they're still on the Alabasta arc... >>;; Anyway, thanks for the updates! ^^
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yes! best news ever!
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Wow, that really is alot of manga per month. Certainly outside my interest bracket, as a non-one piecer.
 If was something I was into... I don't know €40 is a lot to pick up in one month for one series. Well definetely for a shonen. But it obviously makes sense too (as you can perhaps tell, I'm very tired).

Waq sounds vagely interesting. Would have to see the style first of course.
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@RedZBaylon: You can pre-order Honey & Clover on RightStuf now (just ordered my copy this week).
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Psst...What a Wonderful World!, Jormungand, All My Darling Daughters, Jormungand, and not simple were announced at NYCC.   
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Ha @ your Q&A trepidation, good times, because it's easy to appreciate why so.
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